Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Xbox Game Studios
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player Online Multi Player


Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is now available across Xbox platforms. Enjoy a new way to play one of the most beloved strategy games on console including optimizations for playing with a controller and new tutorials to get you into the fun quickly.

    Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Achievements

    Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition has a total of 201 achievements worth a gamerscore of 2035 points

  1. 5

    Eternal Gratitude

    Encounter a Penguin in Vinlandsaga.
  2. 5

    Aztec Victory

    Win a game playing as the Aztecs.
  3. 5

    Berber Victory

    Win a game playing as the Berbers.
  4. 5

    Briton Victory

    Win a game playing as the Britons.
  5. 5

    Bulgarian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Bulgarians.
  6. 5

    Burmese Victory

    Win a game playing as the Burmese.
  7. 5

    Byzantine Victory

    Win a game playing as the Byzantines.
  8. 5

    Celtic Victory

    Win a game playing as the Celts.
  9. 5

    Chinese Victory

    Win a game playing as the Chinese.
  10. 5

    Cuman Victory

    Win a game playing as the Cumans.
  11. 5

    Ethiopian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Ethiopians.
  12. 5

    Frankish Victory

    Win a game playing as the Franks.
  13. 5

    Gothic Victory

    Win a game playing as the Goths.
  14. 5

    Hunnic Victory

    Win a game playing as the Huns.
  15. 5

    Inca Victory

    Win a game playing as the Incas.
  16. 5

    Indian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Indians.
  17. 5

    Italian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Italians.
  18. 5

    Japanese Victory

    Win a game playing as the Japanese.
  19. 5

    Khmer Victory

    Won a game playing as the Khmer.
  20. 5

    Korean Victory

    Win a game playing as the Koreans.
  21. 5

    Lithuanian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Lithuanians.
  22. 5

    Magyar Victory

    Win a game playing as the Magyars.
  23. 5

    Malay Victory

    Win a game playing as the Malay.
  24. 5

    Malian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Malians.
  25. 5

    Mayan Victory

    Win a game playing as the Mayans.
  26. 5

    Mongol Victory

    Win a game playing as the Mongols.
  27. 5

    Persian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Persians.
  28. 5

    Portuguese Victory

    Win a game playing as the Portuguese.
  29. 5

    Saracen Victory

    Win a game playing as the Saracens.
  30. 5

    Slavic Victory

    Win a game playing as the Slavs.
  31. 5

    Spanish Victory

    Win a game playing as the Spanish.
  32. 5

    Tatar Victory

    Win a game playing as the Tatars.
  33. 5

    Teutonic Victory

    Win a game playing as the Teutons.
  34. 5

    Turkish Victory

    Win a game playing as the Turks.
  35. 5

    Vietnamese Victory

    Win a game playing as the Vietnamese.
  36. 5

    Viking Victory

    Win a game playing as the Vikings.
  37. 5

    Chain Reaction

    Blow up an enemy Demolition Ship with a Demolition Ship of your own.
  38. 10

    Sheep Hoarder

    Gather 20 sheep in a Random Map game.
  39. 5

    The Wonder, the Wonder, Noooooo...

    Build a Wonder.
  40. 5

    Losing Your Religion

    Convert an enemy Monk.
  41. 5

    Anyone Order a Pizza?

    Train 1,000 Condottieri as a non-Italian civilization.
  42. 20

    Dark Humor

    Kill 20 Villagers with Militia in the Dark Age.
  43. 5

    Howdy Neighbor

    Scale an enemy wall using a Siege Tower.
  44. 5

    No Suntzu Light

    Shoot 100,000 arrows with your Chu Ko Nu.
  45. 5


    Convert 1,000 units.
  46. 5

    90kg Over 300 Meters

    Build 300 Trebuchets.
  47. 10

    Fighting From Afar

    Create 500 Longbowmen in a single match.
  48. 5

    Castle Crusher

    Destroy 50 Castles.
  49. 5

    Guardian of Scotland

    Complete the William Wallace Campaign.
  50. 5

    Iron Maid

    Complete the Joan of Arc Campaign.
  51. 5

    For the Horde!

    Complete the Genghis Khan Campaign.
  52. 5

    Custodian of the Holy Land

    Complete the Saladin Campaign.
  53. 5

    The Emperor Strikes Back

    Complete the Barbarossa Campaign.
  54. 5

    Huney, I Shrunk the Romans

    Complete the Attila the Hun Campaign.
  55. 5

    El Campeador

    Complete the El Cid Campaign.
  56. 5

    Emperor of Tenochtitlan

    Complete the Montezuma Campaign.
  57. 5

    Battle Beast

    Complete all Historical Battles.
  58. 5

    The Thicker the Hay, the Easier Mowed

    Complete the Alaric Campaign.
  59. 5

    A Tale of One City

    Complete the Bari Campaign.
  60. 5

    Vladislav, Baby Don't Hurt Me

    Complete the Dracula Campaign.
  61. 5

    Earth Shaker

    Complete the Pachacuti Campaign.
  62. 5

    The Blind Archer

    Complete the Prithviraj Campaign.
  63. 5

    Renaissance Man

    Complete the Sforza Campaign.
  64. 5

    Age of Discovery

    Complete the Francisco de Almeida Campaign.
  65. 5

    King of Africa

    Complete the Sundjata Campaign.
  66. 5

    Master of the Maghreb

    Complete the Tariq ibn Ziyad Campaign.
  67. 5

    Destroyer of Axum

    Complete the Yodit Campaign.
  68. 5


    Complete the Bayinnaung Campaign.
  69. 5

    Island Hopper

    Complete the Gajah Mada Campaign.
  70. 5

    Rebel with a Cause

    Complete the Le Loi Campaign.
  71. 5

    King of the Just Laws

    Complete the Suryavarman I Campaign.
  72. 5

    The Cabbage King

    Complete the Ivaylo Campaign.
  73. 5

    Empire of the Steppes

    Complete the Tamerlane Campaign.
  74. 5

    Yes We Khan!

    Complete the Kotyan Khan Campaign.
  75. 10

    The Wonder, the Wonder, the...Oh, Never Mind

    Prevent the Korean Wonder from being destroyed in "Noryang Point (1598)".
  76. 50

    A Truly Holy Emperor

    Convert the Cathedral in Milan without acquiring a single Villager in the third Barbarossa mission.
  77. 20

    No Wonder on My Watch

    Destroy every enemy Wonder before it is completed in the sixth Attila the Hun mission.
  78. 10

    Diplomacy Is for the Meek

    Kill the Scythian Prince and defeat the Scythians in the first Attila the Hun mission.
  79. 20

    The Kushluk Assassination

    Kill Kushluk before 20 minutes have elapsed in the second Genghis Khan mission.
  80. 20

    I Was in China Before

    Defeat the Jin before they start constructing a Wonder in the third Genghis Khan mission.
  81. 10

    Offense Is the Best Defense

    Defeat all opponents before constructing a Wonder in the sixth Saladin mission.
  82. 20

    Out with a Bang

    Kill an enemy King with a Petard or Demolition Ship.
  83. 10

    D-Day (D stands for Demo)

    Destroy an enemy Transport Ship with a Demolition Ship.
  84. 20

    The Go-Getter

    Defeat the Hungarians before Subotai has arrived in the sixth Genghis Khan mission.
  85. 10

    Furor Teutonicus

    Defeat all opponents instead of collecting the required Relics in the first Barbarossa mission.
  86. 20

    Truly Countless Bodies

    Defeat all opponents before 30 minutes have elapsed in the fifth Attila the Hun mission.
  87. 20

    Hot & Spicy

    Prevent Tabasco from being defeated in the third Montezuma mission.
  88. 50


    Win "Lepanto (1571)" without allowing any Turkish Transport Ship to unload on your shores.
  89. 5

    Relic Hoarder

    Collect all Relics on the map in the fifth Suryavarman mission.
  90. 10

    The Missionary

    Collect all Relics in the first El Cid mission.
  91. 20

    Turkish Delight

    Win "Bapheus (1302)" by defeating all other Turkish factions without forming an alliance with them.
  92. 10

    Lone Warrior

    Win "Kurikara (1183)" without forming an alliance with the Hojo clan.
  93. 10

    Fire with Fire

    Amass 10 Condottieri, 10 Genoese Crossbowmen, and 10 Bombard Cannons in the fifth Dracula mission.
  94. 10

    Raging Wildfire

    Conquer Delhi at least 5 minutes before the timer expires in the fourth Tamerlane mission.
  95. 20

    Chasing the Crown

    Kill King Takayutpi before 5 minutes have elapsed in the first Bayinnaung mission.
  96. 20

    Friends, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears

    Convert Afonso without killing a single Portuguese unit in fifth Francisco de Almeida mission.
  97. 10

    Numerous As the Grains of Sand

    Win the second Alaric mission while training no military units aside from infantry.
  98. 20

    Rome Was Destroyed in One Day

    Destroy all Roman Castles before 30 minutes have elapsed in the fourth Alaric mission.
  99. 10

    Smoke on the Water

    Purchase 20 Dragon Ships in "Lake Poyang (1363)".
  100. 10

    With the Help of My Sisters

    Amass an army of at least 100 Gbeto Warriors in the fourth Sundjata mission.
  101. 20

    Roar Like a Lion

    Win the fifth Sundjata mission on Hard difficulty.
  102. 10

    An Army Marches on Its Stomach

    Do all secondary objectives and destroy all small bases before army marches in third Yodit mission.
  103. 20

    No Royal Hair Touched

    Reach the King before 10 minutes have elapsed in the second Gajah Mada mission.
  104. 10

    Not a Greek Tragedy

    Win without losing any of your four heroes in the fifth Le Loi mission.
  105. 20

    Cuman Flush

    Win the second Kotyan mission without advancing to the Castle Age.
  106. 20

    He Won't Be Back

    Assist King Bela and defeat Austrian Duke Frederick in the fifth Kotyan mission before 45 minutes.
  107. 10

    Pitched Battle

    Successfully defend Cuzco without building any new walls or gates in the second Pachacuti mission.
  108. 5

    Frankly My Dear...

    Create 100 Throwing Axeman in a single match.
  109. 10


    Convert 100 units using Spanish Missionaries.
  110. 50

    Supremely Unexpected

    Win a match as the Spanish while only creating Villagers.
  111. 20

    Final Countdown

    Destroy an opponent's Wonder with less than 100 years remaining on the Wonder Victory countdown.
  112. 10


    Kill 1,000 enemy units using Demolition Ships.
  113. 10

    Bull's Eye

    Destroy a Trebuchet with another Trebuchet.
  114. 20


    Delete your starting Town Center and still win the game.
  115. 20

    Out of Their Element

    Destroy a ship using a melee unit.
  116. 20

    Castle of Doubt

    Lose an unfinished Castle that is at least 95% complete.
  117. 10

    It's a Treb!

    Kill 25 units with Trebuchets.
  118. 10

    Marco Polo

    Explore 99% of a ludicrously sized map.
  119. 5

    Knocking on Your Door

    Demolish 200 buildings with Battering Rams.
  120. 5

    Sushi Lover

    Build 30 Japanese Fishing Ships.
  121. 5

    Rest in Peace

    Beat an AI opponent on "Peaceful" difficulty in a 1v1 game.
  122. 5

    Easy Going

    Beat an AI opponent on "Standard" difficulty in a 1v1 game.
  123. 10

    With Moderation

    Beat an AI opponent on "Moderate" difficulty in a 1v1 game.
  124. 20

    Rough Ride

    Beat an AI opponent on "Hard" difficulty in a 1v1 game.
  125. 20

    Barbaric Manners

    Beat an AI opponent on "Hardest" difficulty in a 1v1 game.
  126. 20

    Prominent Player

    Beat an AI opponent on "Extreme" difficulty in a 1v1 game.
  127. 10

    Mango Shots

    Kill 500 units with Mangonels.
  128. 5

    Hun, What Are You doing?

    Burn down 200 buildings with Tarkans.
  129. 5

    Age of Empires

    Win a game with every civilization.
  130. 5

    The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!

    Win a Regicide game.
  131. 5

    Relic Hunter

    Collect 100 Relics.
  132. 5

    Dark Dinner

    Eat 2 Wild Boars in the Dark Age.
  133. 5

    Pleasant Peasant

    Build 1,000 Farms in total.
  134. 5

    Bird Shooting

    Kill an enemy Scout Cavalry with your Town Center.
  135. 10


    Spam the enemy with 500 Karambit Warriors in a single game.
  136. 10


    Win alone against 3 human opponents.
  137. 5

    Too Lame To Tame

    Loot 500 gold with Keshiks.
  138. 5


    Train 40 War or Battle Elephants in a single game.
  139. 5

    The English Justinian

    Complete the Edward Longshanks campaign.
  140. 5

    The Good, the Bold, and the Fearless

    Complete the Grand Dukes of the West campaign.
  141. 5

    Haute Culture

    Complete the Hautevilles campaign.
  142. 20

    Unchivalrous Pragmatist

    Defeat Simon the Younger's army before the baronial forces attack in "Vain Ambition".
  143. 20

    Throne Thief

    Steal the Stone of Scone in the fourth Edward Longshanks mission "Toom Tabard".
  144. 20

    Malleus Scotorum

    Kill William Wallace before Robert the Bruce betrays you in "Hammer of the Scots".
  145. 15

    No Wheels

    Do not construct a single siege weapon in the mission "A Kingdom Divided".
  146. 20

    A Second Hastings

    Wipe out Humphrey's base before defeating Jacqueline in "The Hook and Cod Wars".
  147. 20

    Shut Up La Hire!

    Defeat the French army before capturing Joan of Arc in the mission "The Maid Falls".
  148. 20

    Self-Made Man

    Win without allying with Argyrus or Guaimar in the mission "Guiscard Arrives".
  149. 10

    Haute, Haute, brief candle!

    Inspire a rebellion in the second Hautevilles mission "Roger in Sicily".
  150. 20

    Italy Jones and the First Crusade

    Do not lose a hero in the fourth Hautevilles mission "Bohemond in the East".
  151. 5

    Burgundian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Burgundians.
  152. 5

    Sicilian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Sicilians.
  153. 5

    Golden Spurs

    Transform 50 Villagers by researching Flemish Revolution.
  154. 5

    Tour d'Italie

    Construct a Donjon and use it to train a Serjeant.
  155. 10

    Bond of Brothers

    Complete the Algirdas and Kestutis campaign.
  156. 15

    Tolerant Piety

    Build a Monastery or Shrine in every Lithuanian village in "Family Affairs".
  157. 15

    Scattered Horde

    Kill all enemy commanders before defeating their hordes in "The Tatar Yoke".
  158. 20

    Mint Condition

    Deliver the Ransom Cart undamaged in "In the Shadow of the Throne".
  159. 10

    Star of the Poles

    Complete the Jadwiga campaign.
  160. 15

    Protector of the Realm

    Win without losing any neutral towns to Halych in "Star of the Poles".
  161. 15

    No Baggage

    Defeat the Crimean Tatars without building a Town Center in "Vytautas' Crusade".
  162. 20

    No Quarter

    Kill Ulrich von Jungingen and Nicolas von Renys in "The Fruits of Her Labor".
  163. 10

    Man of the Chalice

    Complete the Jan Zizka campaign.
  164. 15

    Malevolent Marauder

    Destroy all 6 Bohemian villages in "The One-Eyed Wanderer".
  165. 20

    Zizkov Hill

    Do not lose the Old Tower northeast of your city in "The Golden City".
  166. 15

    Against All

    Defeat the Crusaders in the fifth Jan Zizka mission "The Emperor's Fury".
  167. 5

    Bohemian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Bohemians.
  168. 5

    Polish Victory

    Win a game playing as the Poles.
  169. 5

    Rhapsody of the Bohemians

    Train 10 Houfnices as the Bohemians.
  170. 5

    Fast Food

    Gather 500 food by constructing farms next to Folwarks as the Poles.
  171. 10

    The Persian Tiger

    Complete the Babur campaign.
  172. 15

    Never Trust a Campaign AI

    Ignore Kabul's offer to form a non-aggression pact in "The Last Timurids".
  173. 20

    An Offer You Khan't Refuse

    Convert both Alam Khan and Daulat Khan in "The Battle of Panipat".
  174. 15

    The Renovator

    Repair all 4 Town Centers in the devastated villages in "The Rajputs".
  175. 10

    Like Father, Like Son

    Complete the Rajendra campaign.
  176. 15

    No Rest for the Wicked

    Defeat Mannaram and Polonnaruwa without capturing a Town Center in Rajendra #2.
  177. 15

    Eye of the Tiger

    Defeat all enemy factions in "Rising Star".
  178. 20

    No Wonder You Won

    Win the game before Mahipala completes his Wonder in "Sacred Waters".
  179. 10

    Won't You Take Me by the Hand

    Complete the Devapala campaign.
  180. 15

    Huna Join Me?

    Convert all 3 Huna Khans in "Renunciation".
  181. 15

    Construction Cancellation

    Destroy the Rashtrakuta Wonder before it is completed in "Liberation?".
  182. 20


    Accumulate 100 piety points in "Enlightenment".
  183. 15

    Raja of the People

    Save both allied villages in "Born of Fire" on Hard difficulty.
  184. 15

    Hopeless Romantic

    Win "Hand of a Princess" with 12+ minutes remaining on the timer.
  185. 20

    Inspiring Poet

    Convert all Rajas before the Ghorids attack in Prithviraj #5 on Hard difficulty.
  186. 5

    Bengali Victory

    Win a game playing as the Bengalis.
  187. 5

    Dravidian Victory

    Win a game playing as the Dravidians.
  188. 5

    Gurjara Victory

    Win a game playing as the Gurjaras.
  189. 5

    Face My Ratha

    Train 10 Rathas as the Bengalis.
  190. 5

    King of the Seas

    Sink 10 enemy ships with Thirisadais as the Dravidians.
  191. 5

    Forged in the Heat of Battle

    Train 10 Chakram Throwers as the Gurjaras.
  192. 5

    Not Just a Militia

    Upgrade your Militia to Men-at-Arms.
  193. 5

    Family Feudal

    Advance to the Feudal Age in a Campaign Scenario.
  194. 15

    Can I be Frank with You?

    Win the "Tours (732)" Co-Op Historical Battle with an AI or Human Teammate.
  195. 5

    Challenge Accepted

    Win any Medal in any Art of War Challenge.
  196. 10

    Going for the Gold

    Win a Gold Medal in any Art of War Challenge.
  197. 10


    Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer Game with a Human or AI Teammate.
  198. 5

    Baby Boomer

    Queue 5 Villagers at the Town Center in the Dark Age.
  199. 10

    Bull Market

    Create a Trade Route with another Market.
  200. 5

    Bon Voyage

    Turn on Auto-Scout in any Game Mode.
  201. 5

    Prepare for Boar!

    Research Loom at the Town Center.