In a near-future Tokyo, Special Agent Kaname Date is on the case of a mysterious serial killer. Date must investigate crime scenes as well as dreams on the hunt for clues.

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Leaving Game Pass on 30th September 2022

    AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES Achievements

    AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES has a total of 45 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 120


    Obtained all other achievements.
  2. 10

    BRaiN: Memories Hidden in Dreams

    Day 1: Friday - Cleared Date's Somnium.
  3. 10

    PaiN: Mother, Blood, and Secrets

    Day 2: Saturday - Cleared Mizuki's Somnium.
  4. 10

    VaiN: Disassociated Persona

    Day 3: Sunday - Cleared Iris's Somnium.
  5. 10

    SWaiN: My Hero

    Day 4: Monday - Cleared Ota's Somnium.
  6. 10

    SUSTaiN: Indelible Memories

    Day 5: Tuesday - Cleared Mayumi's Somnium.
  7. 10

    CAPTaiN: Bonds Revealed

    Day 6: Wednesday - Cleared Date's Somnium.
  8. 10

    CURTaiN: The Other Side of the Black Curtain

    Day 4: Monday - Cleared #89's Somnium.
  9. 30

    REFRaiN: Echoes of Murder

    Day 5: Tuesday - Cleared Boss's Somnium.
  10. 10

    VILLaiN: Evasive Memory

    Day 3: Sunday - Cleared So's Somnium.
  11. 10

    MaiN1: Antinomic Conflict

    Day 4: Monday - Cleared Iris's Somnium.
  12. 10

    MaiN2: The Eternal Ceremony

    Day 5: Tuesday - Cleared Iris's Somnium.
  13. 10

    MOUNTaiN: Corpse Flower

    Day 5: Tuesday - Cleared Hitomi's Somnium.
  14. 30

    CHaiN: % s ! n k

    Day 6: Wednesday - Cleared Saito's Somnium.
  15. 10

    Dream Documentation Duty: Intern

    Found 1 hidden item in Somnium.
  16. 30

    Dream Documentation Duty: Manager

    Found 6 hidden items in Somnium.
  17. 60

    Dream Documentation Duty: CEO

    Found all hidden items in Somnium.
  18. 30

    Ota Route: END

    Finished Ota's investigation.
  19. 60

    Mizuki Route: END

    Finished Mizuki's investigation.
  20. 60

    Annihilation Route: END

    Finished Annihilation Route investigation.
  21. 60

    Iris Route: END

    Finished Iris's investigation.
  22. 90

    Resolution Route: END

    Finished the final investigation.
  23. 10

    Date's Atami Date Route: END

    Asked out the receptionist to Atami.
  24. 10

    Battle: Yakuza Counterattack

    Cleared the shooting event at the Kumakura office with no misses.
  25. 10

    Battle: Electric Shock Bodyguard

    Cleared the shooting event at the Sejima residence with no misses.
  26. 10

    Battle: Bombing the SAT

    Cleared the shooting event at the Sagan residence with no misses.
  27. 10

    Battle: Impact on the Mafia

    Cleared the shooting event at Golden Yokocho with no misses.
  28. 10

    Battle: Attack on Mafia

    Cleared the shooting event at the Warehouse District with no misses.
  29. 10

    Interrogation: Implicate Iris

    Confronted Iris with the evidence with no mistakes.
  30. 10

    Interrogation: Implicate Ota

    Confronted Ota with the evidence with no mistakes.
  31. 10

    Interrogation: Implicate So

    Confronted So with the evidence with no mistakes.
  32. 10

    Interrogation: Implicate Hitomi

    Confronted Hitomi with the evidence with no mistakes.
  33. 30

    Persons Analyst

    Collected all the "Persons" files.
  34. 30

    Appendix Analyst

    Collected 100 "Appendix" files.
  35. 30

    Dream Album Analyst

    Collected all the "Dream Album" files.
  36. 30

    Boss Mania

    Checked absolutely everything in Boss's office.
  37. 10

    I Want Cool Stereo Equipment

    Checked out the Sagan stereo equipment multiple times.
  38. 10

    Your Name?

    Enjoyed a fulfilling chat with Kagami.
  39. 10

    Ideal Bone Structure

    X-rayed the Mermaid.
  40. 10

    Cooler Heads Prevail

    Kept your cool and did not shoot Saito.
  41. 10

    Surprisingly Good Together

    Discovered the marriage of the yakuza and the nurse.
  42. 10

    The Dream Invader

    Saw Gray twice in Somnium.
  43. 10

    Protect Your Head

    Had Aiba wear the basket and the pot in Somnium.
  44. 10

    Crazy Awful Customers

    Saw three autographs of crazy customers in Somnium.
  45. 10


    Almost got cursed by Adorabbit in Somnium.