Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Freedom Games
Action & adventure
Single Player


Airborne Kingdom — the sky city builder. Grow your unique town among the clouds, and fly it across a wide-open landscape. Explore the skies to restore serenity to the world below!

    Airborne Kingdom Achievements

    Airborne Kingdom has a total of 30 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1200 points

  1. 25

    A Grove Replanted

    Ally with the Kingdom of Rutula
  2. 25

    Fields Watered

    Ally with the Fields of Agrómaz
  3. 25

    Seekers Found

    Ally with Kan’tis Crossing
  4. 25

    Wind Powered

    Ally with Mehlia Passage
  5. 25

    Travelers Returned

    Ally with Ashrock Landing
  6. 25

    Islands Connected

    Ally with the Broken Isles
  7. 25

    Pyre Ignited

    Ally with Elysian Cape
  8. 25

    Harp Tuned

    Ally with Khora Bay
  9. 25

    Hopes Hoisted

    Ally with Crag Perch
  10. 25

    Knowledge Shared

    Ally with Jukar Lookout
  11. 25

    Irons Scorched

    Ally with Mohnem’s Foundry
  12. 25

    Daylight Found

    Ally with Bluff’s Gateway
  13. 25

    A Small Community

    Reach the status of Airborne Community
  14. 25

    Settling the Skies

    Reach the status of Airborne Settlement
  15. 25

    It Takes a Village

    Reach the status of Airborne Village
  16. 25

    On the Town

    Reach the status of Airborne Town
  17. 25

    Worthy of the Title

    Reach the status of Airborne Kingdom
  18. 50

    A Learned Scholar

    Construct the Great Library
  19. 50

    A Wanderer’s Guide

    Construct the Nomad’s Orrery
  20. 50

    A Peaceful Respite

    Construct the Tranquil Gardens
  21. 50

    Glowing Waters

    Find all the dyes
  22. 50

    Sparkling Alloys

    Find all the metals
  23. 25

    Relic Finder

    Purchase every Blueprint
  24. 50

    Knowledge Seeker

    Complete all Research
  25. 50

    Prophecy Fulfilled

    Return the Tapestry
  26. 100

    A True Challenge

    Return the Tapestry on Hard Difficulty
  27. 100

    The Cycle Continues

    Return the Tapestry on New Game+
  28. 50

    Savior in the Frost

    Rescue all the Explorers in The Lost Tundra
  29. 100

    Hardened Savior

    Rescue the Tundra Explorers in Hard Mode with Default Town Center
  30. 50

    Ancient Sculptor

    Build all the Statue Wonders