Battlefield™ V

Battlefield™ V

Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Electronic Arts
EA Play Single Player Online Multi Player


Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield™ V as the series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Take on all-out multiplayer across the world, single player War Stories, and Firestorm – Battle Royale, reimagined for Battlefield.

    Battlefield™ V Achievements

    Battlefield™ V has a total of 21 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 85


    Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Medium
  2. 90


    Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hard
  3. 90

    Sins of the Fathers

    Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hardcore
  4. 30


    Complete Under No Flag War Story
  5. 30

    Store fuglar fanga ingi flugor

    Complete Nordlys War Story
  6. 30

    Ou La Mort

    Complete Tirailleur War Story
  7. 30


    In Multiplayer, kill 10 enemies with secondary weapons in a round
  8. 15

    Enemy Attrition

    In Multiplayer, get 10 kills in a round
  9. 30

    Hoist the Flag

    In Multiplayer, capture 10 flags in Frontlines
  10. 90


    Play a round of Conquest on each of the launch maps
  11. 90

    Death from Above

    In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane
  12. 30

    Fender Bender

    In Multiplayer, roadkill 5 enemies
  13. 30

    Call ’em in!

    In Multiplayer, as a squad leader call in 2 reinforcements in a round
  14. 30

    Combat Engineer

    In Multiplayer, build 10 fortifications in a round
  15. 30

    Heads Down

    In Multiplayer, fully suppress 5 enemies
  16. 90

    Jack of All Trades

    Earn 100,000 score as an Assault, Medic, Support and Recon
  17. 30

    Eager Beaver

    Earn 150,000 score as a Player
  18. 90


    Earn 500,000 score as a Player
  19. 15

    Last Man Standing

    In Multiplayer, have 3 squad members spawn on you
  20. 15

    Not On My Watch

    In Multiplayer, perform 10 squad revives
  21. 30

    Grim Reaper

    In Multiplayer, kill 30 enemies