Besiege Console (Game Preview)

Besiege Console (Game Preview)

Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Spiderling Studios
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player


Besiege is a physics based building game in which you construct medieval siege engines. Battle your way through a 54 level singleplayer campaign, construct your masterpiece doom machines from a selection of over 60 blocks and roam around in 3 expansive sandbox environments!

    Besiege Console (Game Preview) Achievements

    Besiege Console (Game Preview) has a total of 29 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 20

    A Swift Siege

    Complete a campaign level under 2 seconds
  2. 20

    The Handyman

    Complete a campaign level with under 3 blocks
  3. 20


    Get hit by lightning
  4. 20


    Set yourself on fire
  5. 20

    All Under Control

    Put out a burning block using water
  6. 20

    Freezing Frontier

    Reach enough altitude to freeze your machine
  7. 20


    Defeat 1000 AI units
  8. 20

    Raw Fodder

    Beat Queens Fodder without using fire or explosives
  9. 50

    Piloting 101

    Beat Scouts of Tolbrynd without cannons, flamethrowers or crossbows
  10. 20

    Exceptional Thief

    Steal the Duke's knowledge in under 2 minutes!
  11. 50

    Professional Hunchback

    Ring all 3 Awakening Bells at the same time
  12. 20

    Who Needs A Mechanic?

    Beat the Consumed King without using mechanical blocks
  13. 20

    Barely Standing

    Complete Standing Stone without using armor
  14. 50


    Beat the Southern Shrine by primarily using fire to kill the birds
  15. 30


    Destroy the Duke's freighters without flying blocks
  16. 40

    Bomb Battlefield

    Beat Old Howl Battlefield while having blown up all the bombs
  17. 40

    The Rube Goldberg Machine

    Complete Perimeter Wall without pressing a key
  18. 40

    Rube Goldberg, Rolling Rocks

    Complete Old Mining Site without pressing a key
  19. 20

    Through and Through

    Complete the Mountain Barrier without explosives
  20. 20

    Like Clockwork

    Complete the Revolving Monolith without using Grabbers
  21. 20


    Complete Towering Eye without ever being hit
  22. 20

    Tree Hugger

    Complete Tree of Akhmora without using Crossbows, Cannons and Explosives
  23. 50

    Atlas' Challenge

    Lift the boulder in Stock Tower 10 units off the ground
  24. 50

    Demolition Expert

    Completed Kahraz Village without using cannons, crossbows, drills or saws
  25. 50

    Lord of the Lyre

    Conquer Ipsilon
  26. 60

    Duke of the Skies

    Conquer Tolbrynd
  27. 60

    The Frozen Monarch

    Conquer Valfross
  28. 60

    Emperor of Sand

    Conquer Krolmar
  29. 70


    Complete the Campaign