BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player Online Multi Player Local Multi Player


THE COLLISION IS INEVITABLE! THE IMPACT WILL BE UNAVOIDABLE! Cross over between 4 different universes! Play as characters from the BlazBlue, Persona, Under Night In-Birth, and (for the first time ever in a fighting game), RWBY series!

    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition Achievements

    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition has a total of 42 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 15

    It's like a fighting game.

    [Tactics] Cleared Basics section.
  2. 15

    The tutorial is the mother of success.

    [Tactics] Cleared Applied section.
  3. 15

    Strategy is the key to victory.

    [Tactics] Completed all of one character.
  4. 25

    I'm sure I lose if I give up.

    [Tactics] Cleared one mission.
  5. 15

    I've memorized it completely.

    [Training] Used the command record, playback function.
  6. 25

    The World Is Filled With Commands.

    [Traning] Opened the command list.
  7. 15

    Episode: BLAZBLUE

    [Episode] Cleared Episode: BB.
  8. 70

    Azure of Truth.

    [Episode] Saw the Cooperative Ending of Episode: BB.
  9. 15

    Episode: P4A

    [Episode] Cleared Episode: P4A.
  10. 15

    Episode: UNI

    [Episode] Cleared Episode: UNI.
  11. 15

    Episode: RWBY

    [Episode] Cleared Episode: RWBY.
  12. 15

    Love thy VS.

    [VS] Won on normal difficulty.
  13. 25

    Don't lose, Win it over.

    [Survival] Won more than 5 times.
  14. 15

    Just a little illustration watching...

    [Gallery] Opened an Event CG from Episode Mode.
  15. 15

    BBTAG Records

    [Gallery] Played the credits.
  16. 15

    I'm a Chibikaka too.

    [Entrance] Used 100,000P$ at the Item Shop.
  17. 15

    Customize in 40 Seconds.

    [Customize] Changed Plate, Icon, and Title all at once.
  18. 15

    Change! My Avatar!

    [Customize] Changed avatars.
  19. 25

    A Valuable Victory.

    [Network] Won in a ranked lobby.
  20. 70

    The courage to pursue victory.

    [Network] Reached a Silver Rank.
  21. 25

    Do you need a reason to battle?

    [Network] Won in a Room Match.
  22. 15

    I've already seen stamps.

    [Network] Used a stamp in Online Lobby.
  23. 15

    I'm just a passing avatar.

    [Network] Used a motion in Online Lobby.
  24. 25

    Our lobby battle starts right now.

    [Network] Won in an Online Lobby match.
  25. 15

    Auto-fill please.

    [Network] Used auto-fill message in Online Lobby.
  26. 15

    Believe in me that believes in the player.

    [Network] Saw a player's info in Online Lobby.
  27. 25

    ...An extraordinary rejection.

    Generated Reject Guard 10 times.(Only during matches)
  28. 15

    I have enough speed.

    Performed an air dash 10 times.(Only during matches)
  29. 25

    Distortion Over Flowers.

    Used Distortion Skill.(Only during matches)
  30. 70

    10000 Points

    Dealt more than 10000 in combo damage.(Only during matches)
  31. 25

    The Moment of Fate.

    Performed Distortion Finish 10 times.(Only during matches)
  32. 25

    Symbol of Trust.

    Performed Cross Finish 10 times.(Only during matches)
  33. 25

    Because of the bond.

    Performed Resonance Finish 10 times.(Only during matches)
  34. 15

    Formula for comeback.

    Used a Reversal Action 10 times.(Only during matches)
  35. 15

    A guard is meant to be broken.

    Used Crush Assault 10 times.(Only during matches)
  36. 25

    Because it was Marvelous.

    Performed a Marvelous in Crush Assault 10 times.(Only during matches)
  37. 15


    Successfully throw break 10 times.(Only during matches)
  38. 15

    Even then, I have friends I want to protect.

    Performed Cross Combo 10 times.(Only during matches)
  39. 15

    I want to do Resonance Blaze.

    Used Resonance Blaze 10 times.(Only during matches)
  40. 15

    I started serving high block.

    Guarded a high attack 10 times.(Only during matches)
  41. 15

    I will never go down!

    Guarded a low attack 10 times.(Only during matches)
  42. 100

    Crossing Fate.