Call of the Wild: The Angler™

Call of the Wild: The Angler™

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Expansive Worlds
Single Player Online Multi Player


From the creators of theHunter: Call of the Wild comes an open world fishing experience! Relax and unwind at your favorite spot or explore the beautiful great outdoors with friends as you embark on the journey to become a master angler.

    Call of the Wild: The Angler™ Achievements

    Call of the Wild: The Angler™ has a total of 35 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1200 points

  1. 10

    Fish Just Got Reel

    Catch a fish.
  2. 20

    Can You Smell What the Rod Is Hooking

    Catch 3 bronze ranked fish.
  3. 30

    Hey Good Hookin

    Complete the Golden Ridge Reserve tutorial.
  4. 10

    Ready to Rod and Roll

    Use the Rod Assembler to put together a tackle.
  5. 10

    Fish Out of Water

    Catch a fish in a Lake, River, and Pond in Golden Ridge Reserve.
  6. 10

    I’m on a Boat!

    Get in a boat for the first time.
  7. 20

    More Fish in the Sea

    Catch 3 unique fish species in Golden Ridge Reserve.
  8. 30

    Scaling Up

    Catch a silver ranked fish.
  9. 10

    Things That Go Splash in the Night

    Catch a fish at night.
  10. 20

    License to Gill

    Reach level 10.
  11. 30

    More Than a Tourist

    Complete the Golden Ridge Reserve Self Guided Tour.
  12. 10

    I’m the Captain Now

    Purchase a boat.
  13. 20

    Hook, Line and Sinker

    Set up 4 unique fishing tackles to use from the Quick Menu
  14. 50


    Catch a gold ranked fish.
  15. 50

    Going for Gold

    Catch a gold ranked fish in under 1 minute.
  16. 30

    School’s Out for Summer

    Catch all 12 unique fish species in Golden Ridge Reserve.
  17. 20

    Head for Heights

    Reach the highest peak in Golden Ridge Reserve.
  18. 20

    The Beetles

    Complete the "Beetle infestation" Warden Missions in Golden Ridge Reserve
  19. 30

    Lake Me up Before You Go Go

    Travel 62.2 miles (100km) by boat.
  20. 30


    Travel the distance of a marathon on foot.
  21. 30

    I’m Hooked!

    Catch 100 Fish.
  22. 100

    Diamond in the Rough

    Catch a diamond ranked fish.
  23. 40

    No Fin Left to Give

    Spend 100,000 credits.
  24. 40

    Have Fish, Will Travel

    Find every Point of Interest in the Golden Ridge Reserve.
  25. 50

    Taylor Made

    Complete ten of each Shopkeeper mission type in Golden Ridge Reserve.
  26. 50

    Big Fish Small Pond

    Reach level 50
  27. 40

    Lost and Flounder

    Find all collectibles in Golden Ridge Reserve
  28. 40

    Golden Ridge Ranger

    Max your reputation score in Golden Ridge Reserve
  29. 50


    Complete all Warden missions in Golden Ridge Reserve
  30. 100

    Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

    Catch a fish of 44lbs (20kg) or more.
  31. 10

    Rod and Troll

    Catch all 14 unique fish species in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.
  32. 30

    Norway Jose

    Find all collectibles in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.
  33. 30

    Trollsporet Tale Teller

    Max your reputation score in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.
  34. 30

    Fish upon a Star

    Complete all fishing challenges in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.
  35. 100

    Cache and Carry

    Complete all Caching challenges and Scavenger Hunts in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.