Chinatown Detective Agency

Chinatown Detective Agency

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Humble Games
Action & adventure
Touch Controls Single Player


Singapore, 2037. Amira Darma has just opened her own detective agency. Travel the world, solve dangerous cases using real world research and take in the stunning retro design of this cybernoir detective adventure.

    Chinatown Detective Agency Achievements

    Chinatown Detective Agency has a total of 16 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 50

    Down The Rabbit Hole

    Finish the first three missions.
  2. 50

    The Fixer

    Choose to work with Rupert full time
  3. 50

    The Tigress

    Choose to work with Tiger Lily full time
  4. 50

    The Reformer

    Choose to work with Keeran full time
  5. 50

    Thieves in the Night

    Finish Rupert's case
  6. 50

    Sibling Rivalry

    Finish Tiger Lily's case
  7. 50

    Hostile Takeover

    Finish Keeran's case
  8. 50

    The Fall of Man

    Shoot Kon
  9. 50

    Did You Try Turning It Off And On Again?

    Destroy Propsero
  10. 50

    Father And Son

    Convince Kon to turn off Prospero
  11. 150


    Get the best ending
  12. 125

    The Veteran Detective

    Get the good ending
  13. 75


    Get the least ideal ending
  14. 50

    Frequent Flyer

    Take a total of 30 flights
  15. 50

    The Tourist

    Visit 12 different cities
  16. 50

    Not Bad, Gumshoe

    Finish a game without Mei Ting's help