Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Deep Silver
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player


She was once the Circle’s deadliest warrior – now she’s their most wanted fugitive. As Nara and her starfighter, Forsaken, journey across the galaxy to unite resistance forces against the Circle and free the universe from oppression.

    Chorus Achievements

    Chorus has a total of 42 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 10

    Another Life

    Explore the Artok and find a way outside
  2. 10

    Shields Down

    Obtain a laser weapon
  3. 10

    Safe Home

    Repel the Circle forces and defend the Enclave
  4. 20

    Old Days Born Anew

    Reunite with your old friend Forsa
  5. 10

    Full Arsenal

    Obtain a missile launcher
  6. 10


    Avenge the fallen and guide a civilian convoy to safety
  7. 75

    The Path Forward

    Defeat the Sage and reclaim the Najara jump gate
  8. 10


    Obtain the Rite of the Storm inside the Amarok Temple
  9. 10

    Cult Slayer

    Liberate Maka Haven
  10. 10


    Learn more about Forsaken's origin at the lab
  11. 10

    In the Eye of the Storm

    Dissolve the lightning storm surrounding the Trom Shipyard and free the Cpt. Aystan and his ships
  12. 10

    Set in Motion

    Recruit an engineer at Rinak Haven
  13. 25

    The Crimson Void

    Destroy a Demon-class battleship and enter the Faceless Void
  14. 75

    The Nameless Dread

    Destroy the Faceless entity inside the Amarok Rift
  15. 10

    Time to Spear

    Face your guilt and obtain the Rite of the Star
  16. 10


    Catch a glimpse of the past and witness the Prophet's ritual
  17. 10

    Uneasy Alliance

    Meet an unexpected ally and escape alongside him
  18. 20


    Learn more about Forsaken's secret past and teach a former mentor a lesson
  19. 20


    Stop the carnage at Silva Haven and bring Elder Syrys to justice
  20. 40

    Power Chord

    Unlock Nara's full potential by obtaining all Rites
  21. 15


    Travel into the Rift that's consuming Nimika Prime
  22. 100

    Rise as One

    Finish the game
  23. 50

    Mastery of Weapons

    Achieve full mastery of weapons
  24. 50

    Mastery of Rites

    Achieve full mastery of Rites
  25. 50

    Mastery of Combat

    Achieve full mastery of combat
  26. 15

    Helping Hand

    Finish 5 side missions
  27. 75


    Finish 35 side missions
  28. 50

    Space Traveler

    Visited 50 locations
  29. 10


    Win a race
  30. 10

    Voices from the Past

    Find 25 memories
  31. 10

    The Great Destroyer

    Kill 75 enemies while controlling a Spirit-class ship
  32. 10


    Use a repair drone while having less than 10% HP
  33. 50

    Born to Drift

    Kill a total of 50 enemies while drifting
  34. 10


    Kill 3 enemies in one drift
  35. 10


    Use the Rite of the Hunt to leap at an enemy and destroy it within 5 seconds
  36. 10

    Two Birds

    Use the Rite of the Star to spear two enemies in one go
  37. 10

    It Was An Accident

    Destroy 5 enemies by disrupting them with the Rite of the Storm
  38. 10

    Crash Test

    Use the Rite of Control to smash two ships into each other
  39. 10

    Radiation Area

    Kill 3 enemies with a Tier 3 missile's radiation cloud
  40. 10

    Controlled Demolition

    Defeat an armored enemy with a Gatling gun
  41. 10


    Overcharge your energy bar by using the Tier 3 laser weapon
  42. 20

    At Least You Tried

    Die in permadeath mode