Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Chorus Worldwide Games
Touch Controls Single Player


It’s time to revisit your favourite late-night coffee shop and reconnect with your fantasy friends over a warm drink or two. You are a barista, and your customers aren't always humans, listen to their stories and influence their hearts with a warm cup of coffee or two.

    Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly Achievements

    Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly has a total of 53 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 10

    Welcome to Coffee Talk

    Start a new game
  2. 10

    Let me start over

    Trash your drink for the first time
  3. 10

    First Brew

    Brew your first drink
  4. 10

    It's a masterpiece!

    Create and serve your first latte art
  5. 10

    Is this it?

    Serve the wrong drink for the first time
  6. 10

    We are all friends

    Meet all of the main characters
  7. 10

    Stop it!

    Trash a total of 25 drinks
  8. 10

    24/7 a beat to relax/study to

    Listen to all of the songs
  9. 10

    Failed Messenger

    Forget to give items to the intended recipients at least once
  10. 10


    Provide Riona with poor service until she no longer visits the coffee shop
  11. 10

    Bad Review

    Give Lucas incorrect drinks on his first three visits
  12. 10

    Bad Memory

    Forget to give Jorji his lighter back
  13. 10

    Cold Shoulders

    Aqua & Myrtle didn't get to make up
  14. 15

    Art takes time

    Spent a total of 1 hour making Latte Art
  15. 15

    Barista Trainee

    Serve 10 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode
  16. 15

    Barista Expert

    Serve 25 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode
  17. 15

    Nothing to show…

    Fail to inspire Rachel with your drink
  18. 15

    First Love

    Serve Rachel "Sweetheart Latte" when she needs inspiration
  19. 15

    Wistful Nights

    Serve Rachel "Dreamin' Blue" when she needs inspiration
  20. 15

    Comfortable With You

    Serve Rachel "Milk Honey Green Tea" when she needs inspiration
  21. 15

    Overflowing Warmth

    Serve Myrtle and/or Aqua correct drinks on Day 2
  22. 15

    Fellow Influencer

    Give Lucas’s contact info or the fidget spinner to Rachel
  23. 15

    Child’s Play

    Give Gala the fidget spinner
  24. 15

    What’s This?

    Give Riona the fidget spinner
  25. 15

    Good Review

    Give Lucas all the correct drinks
  26. 15

    Master Purloiner

    Steal the Agent's key card and give it to Silver
  27. 15

    Saved $100

    Prevent Gala from getting fined
  28. 15

    Blood(ish) Red

    Serve Hyde his favored hibiscus drink
  29. 15

    Guest of Honor

    Be invited to Lua and Baileys' wedding
  30. 15

    Unsolicited Bouncer

    Don't give Gala Hyde's invite to the wedding
  31. 15

    One Way to Find Out

    Play the story mode to conclusion once
  32. 25

    True Fan

    Unlock Aremy x Nekochel's whole album by collecting all three singles
  33. 25

    Not So Hot Business

    Complete the story mode with the least amount of points possible
  34. 25

    Local Favorite

    Ensure everyone gets the right drink
  35. 25

    A Hardboiled Advice

    Unlock the conversation with Detective McQueen
  36. 25

    Star-Crossed Siblings

    Complete Silver and Amanda's normal story arc
  37. 25

    How I Met Your Ancestor

    Complete Silver and Amanda's good story arc (ver. 2)
  38. 25


    Complete Silver and Amanda's good story arc (ver. 1)
  39. 25

    Immutable Immortal

    Complete Hyde's normal story arc
  40. 25

    Hyde Leibovitz

    Complete Hyde's good story arc
  41. 25

    Festina Lente

    Complete Lua and Baileys' normal story arc
  42. 25

    Just Married

    Complete Lua and Baileys' good story arc
  43. 25

    Work Woes

    Finish Jorji's incomplete story arc once
  44. 25

    Tender Soul

    Complete Jorji's good story arc once
  45. 25

    A Budding Partnership

    Complete Lucas and Riona's normal story arcs
  46. 25

    The Hibiscus & The Butterfly

    Complete Lucas and Riona's best story arcs
  47. 25


    Complete Jorji, Lucas, and Riona's best story arcs simultaneously
  48. 25

    “Five Stars!”

    Serve Lucas the drink “Five Stars!” during his "Reviewer’s Test"
  49. 25

    Cat Shelter

    Reunite Tofu with his owner
  50. 25

    Master Brewer

    Unlock all special drinks
  51. 25

    Barista Guru

    Serve 50 correct drinks in a single session of challenge mode
  52. 25

    Art Connoisseur

    Unlock all the artworks in the Gallery
  53. 75

    Thank you for Playing

    Unlock all achievements