Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Bohemia Interactive a.s.
Action & adventure
Online Multi Player


The post-soviet country of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. Fighting over resources has bred a hostile mentality among survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to collapse. You are one of the few immune to the virus - how far will you go to survive?

    DayZ Achievements

    DayZ has a total of 13 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 20

    Bodily needs

    Eat and drink something.
  2. 100


    Equip a firearm, a melee weapon and a backpack.
  3. 20

    Act of mercy

    Kill your first infected.
  4. 100

    Field cook

    Cook a steak on a stick.
  5. 50

    I'm the firestarter

    Ignite fire using a matchbox, a road flare and a hand drill.
  6. 50


    Shave your face.
  7. 150

    Natural instincts

    Gut a deer.
  8. 150


    Kill a survivor at more than three hundred meters.
  9. 50


    Kill an infected soldier.
  10. 30

    Heal the world

    Apply bandages on other survivors thirty times.
  11. 30

    You have the right...

    Handcuff ten people.
  12. 100

    Close and personal

    Kill fifteen survivors with any melee weapon.
  13. 150


    Kill twenty survivors or infected with a head-shot.