Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Curve Games
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player Online Multi Player


Team up with friends to become the most über firefighters money can buy. Rush into burning buildings filled with dangerous hazards, valuables, and top-of-the-line security systems. Fight fires, save lives, salvage goods, and make life-changing money. Buy high tech tools with advanced upgrades, and fresh outfits that unlock new ways to play. Embr will keep you coming back for more with new mission types, daily and weekly challenges, and plenty of achievements to hunt.

    Embr Achievements

    Embr has a total of 29 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 15


    Achieve a 2 flame rating from a client
  2. 15

    A New Career

    Complete the tutorial
  3. 90


    Complete the first district
  4. 15

    Lights Out

    Turn off the master power
  5. 30

    Side Hustle

    Return $500 dollars to a client
  6. 15

    Back for More

    Complete a bonus mission
  7. 30

    Holla Holla

    Collect $5000 of bonus cash and valuables
  8. 90

    Fresh Out of the Shop

    Buy every vehicle cosmetic and upgrade available
  9. 15

    I’m a Freakin Blur Here

    Wear the baseball hat and the E University jacket
  10. 90

    Diamond Respondr

    Buy every tool and upgrade available
  11. 15

    Handled With Care

    Complete a Salvage mission
  12. 15

    Combustion Management

    Complete a Low House Damage mission
  13. 15

    Search and Rescue

    Complete a Special Object mission
  14. 15

    Flame Broiled

    Complete an Embr Eats mission
  15. 15

    Fahrenheit 451

    Complete a Demolition mission
  16. 90

    Growing Your Client Base

    Complete the second district
  17. 90

    Leveraged Buyout

    Complete the third district
  18. 30

    A Helping Hand

    Revive a teammate in multiplayer
  19. 15

    Team Building Exercise

    Complete a multiplayer mission
  20. 30

    Earning Your Tips

    Place 20 piles of bonus cash in your truck
  21. 30

    Neighborhood Handyman

    Earn 7 flames in a neighborhood by completing all missions there
  22. 15

    Getting an Upgrade

    Buy your first upgrade on a tool
  23. 30

    State Secrets

    Find the Hosr CEO's hidden documents
  24. 30

    Redistributed Wealth

    Find all bonus cash in an escape mission
  25. 30


    Find all bonus cash in a rescue mission
  26. 15


    Make a basket in the lobby parking lot
  27. 15

    Premium Currencies

    Spend a Diamond
  28. 70

    Privatization to the Rescue

    Get 5 Flames in every Rescue Mission
  29. 30

    7 Day Work Week

    Complete 7 Daily Missions