Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Versus Evil, LLC.
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player Online Multi Player


In this multiplayer social deduction game you can live out your evil side and commit stealthy murders. As a villager, you must unmask the conspirators before you get an axe to your face! No matter what: you will need your social skills to stay alive!

    Eville Achievements

    Eville has a total of 42 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 15

    Deadly Mix

    Kill a player with a poison potion.
  2. 30

    Advanced Potion Making

    Craft 25 potions.
  3. 15

    Self-made Doctor

    Cure a poisoned player at 50% or less health.
  4. 15

    Protect the Mayor!

    Protect the Mayor with a protection potion.
  5. 15

    Veins of steel

    Survive an attack after you drank a protection potion.
  6. 10

    It's a start

    Win 5 games of Eville.
  7. 30

    Proving yourself

    Win 25 games of Eville.
  8. 90

    Now it's just showing off

    Win 100 games of Eville.
  9. 15

    The Eville inside

    Win as a Conspirator and get at least 2 kills.
  10. 15


    Barely survive the vote with a tie.
  11. 15

    Protector of Eville

    Win as a Villager and help vote out a Conspirator.
  12. 15

    Eville isn't big enough for us all

    Successfully vote out an innocent player as a Conspirator.
  13. 90

    Eville Expert

    Win with every role.
  14. 15

    The neutral one

    Win as a neutral role.
  15. 15

    Wake-up call

    Get woken up by your trip wire and survive.
  16. 15

    Haunted House

    Wake up a player as a ghost.
  17. 30

    Help from the Endless Mists

    Win the game by turning in a quest as a ghost.
  18. 15

    Invisibility Shroud

    Turn a fellow conspirator invisible and have them get a kill.
  19. 15


    Complete 100 quests as a ghost.
  20. 30

    Wolf of Eville Street

    Earn 5000 crowns just by completing quests.
  21. 15


    Kill a Conspirator with your traps as a Trapper
  22. 30

    Swiss Cheese

    Win 5 games as a Trapper.
  23. 15

    Stick 'em with the pointy end!

    Get summoned as a guard and kill a conspirator.
  24. 30

    A true guardian

    Win 5 games as a Guard.
  25. 15

    It wasn't me

    As a Slanderer morph into another player and assassinate a player.
  26. 30

    Lord of Lies

    Win 5 games as a Slanderer.
  27. 15

    Noisy Kill

    As a Barbarian use your shout on a player and kill them while they are slowed.
  28. 30


    Win 5 games as a Barbarian.
  29. 15

    Preparation is key

    As a Smuggler use up all your bombs before the first night starts.
  30. 30

    Tunnel Rat

    Win 5 games as a Smuggler.
  31. 15

    This is mine

    As a Thief pickpocket 5 times in one game and survive until the end.
  32. 30

    Master Thief

    Win 5 games as a Thief.
  33. 15

    We do what I say!

    As a Mayor decide a tied vote.
  34. 30

    Balance of Power

    Win 5 games as a Mayor.
  35. 15

    Sneaky Detective

    As a Detective stumple upon a Conspirator at night and see their true identity.
  36. 30

    200 IQ Deduction

    Win 5 games as a Detective.
  37. 15

    Close Call

    As a Medic heal a poisoned player who is below 10% of their health.
  38. 30


    Win 5 games as a Medic.
  39. 15

    First Responder

    As a Ghost Whisperer find and report 3 bodies in a game.
  40. 30

    World Class Whisperer

    Win 5 games as a Ghost Whisperer.
  41. 15

    I'm watching you!

    As a Seer Track a Conspirator and vote them out on the next day
  42. 30


    Win 5 games as a Seer.