F1® Manager 2023

F1® Manager 2023

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Frontier Developments
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player


The intense world of Formula 1® comes alive for a new season in F1® Manager 2023. 23 races, six F1® Sprint events, new cars, new circuits including the Las Vegas street circuit, new drivers, new challenges… Your legacy begins here.

    F1® Manager 2023 Achievements

    F1® Manager 2023 has a total of 29 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 10

    Across The Line

    Complete your first Grand Prix in Career Mode.
  2. 75

    One Down...

    Complete a full season.
  3. 30

    Winner for One

    Win a Grand Prix in Career Mode.
  4. 10

    Front Runner

    Qualify in pole position.
  5. 100

    Drivers' Champion

    Win the Drivers' Championship.
  6. 100

    Constructors' Champion

    Win the Constructors' Championship.
  7. 30

    Ceremony Regular

    Finish on the podium 10 times in one career.
  8. 50

    To The Nth Grand Prix

    Win 10 Grands Prix in one career.
  9. 20

    Broken In

    Complete 5 Grands Prix in one career.
  10. 30

    Familiar Face

    Complete 10 Grands Prix in one career.
  11. 10

    Agree to Guarantee

    Achieve a sponsor guarantee.
  12. 10

    Plan A

    Assign a race strategy in Career Mode.
  13. 30

    Home Improvements

    Build or upgrade a facility.
  14. 10

    To My Part's Content

    Fit a car part to your car.
  15. 10

    Design Right

    Design a car part.
  16. 20

    Have Your Say

    Vote on a regulation change.
  17. 20

    Thinking Ahead

    Complete a car part research project for next season.
  18. 75

    As Promised

    Achieve the board's season target.
  19. 75

    Commited To The Team

    Achieve a long-term board objective.
  20. 20

    Welcome Aboard

    Sign a contract with a driver or staff member.
  21. 30

    Many Hands Make Light Work

    Have 18 engineers assigned to projects at the same time.
  22. 10

    Point Venture

    Score your first championship point in Career Mode.
  23. 75

    Fine-Tuned Machine

    Win the Fastest Pit Stop Award.
  24. 30

    Dune Duster

    Win in Qatar in Career Mode.
  25. 30

    What Happens in Vegas

    Win in Las Vegas in Career Mode.
  26. 30

    Sprint, Not A Marathon

    Win a Sprint Race.
  27. 20

    Light Up The Board

    Finish a race with the fastest lap in Career Mode.
  28. 20

    Box, Box

    Finish a race with the fastest pitstop in Career Mode.
  29. 20

    Time-Line Tweaker

    Obtain a Challenge Scenario Trophy.