Developer : Codemasters
Action & adventure
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GRID is a racing experience like no other. Offering unrivalled wheel-to-wheel racing for everyone, where every race is unpredictable as you create rivals and nemeses on your road to conquering the world of motorsport. Buy now and get your heart racing.

    GRID Achievements

    GRID has a total of 38 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1315 points

  1. 90

    Final Stretch

    Gain entry to the GRID World Series
  2. 90

    Best of the Best

    Win the 'Showdown: Ravenwest' Career Event
  3. 30

    Down Under

    Win the 'Showdown: Hammerhead' Career Event
  4. 30


    Win the 'Showdown: Vulpini Racing' Career Event
  5. 30

    Pro Tuned

    Win the 'Showdown: DisruptR' Career Event
  6. 30

    Das Beste

    Win the 'Showdown: Euro Rand' Career Event
  7. 30

    Triple Crowned

    Win the 'Showdown: Fernando Alonso' Career Event
  8. 30


    Win the 'Showdown: Aurora Motorsport' Career Event
  9. 30

    Pro Driver

    Reach player level 50
  10. 10

    A Fine Choice

    Purchase your first car
  11. 90

    Content Tracker

    Own at least one car in each class
  12. 90

    Race Driver

    Reach Player Level 99
  13. 90

    Worth its Weight

    Earn a gold trophy in every Career Event
  14. 90

    Around the Globe

    Drive a total distance equal to the circumference of the Earth
  15. 30

    By Invitation Only

    Complete every Career Event in the Invitational category
  16. 15

    Personal Touch

    Customise your first livery
  17. 15

    FA Racing Specialist

    Complete every Career Event in the FA Racing category
  18. 15

    Cruise Control

    Complete every Career Event in the GT category
  19. 15

    Out Of Stock

    Complete every Career Event in the Stock category
  20. 15

    Tour Guide

    Complete every Career Event in the Touring category
  21. 15

    Fine Tuned

    Complete every Career Event in the Tuner category
  22. 15

    Show Off

    Win a race by crossing the line backwards
  23. 15


    Beat your first Nemesis
  24. 15


    Win a race in a Ravenwest livery with Nathan McKane as your team mate
  25. 15

    Coupon Car

    Win an Event with at least 3 other racers using a loan car
  26. 15

    Next Contestant Please

    Beat your first Career Rival
  27. 15


    Win an Event having finished the first round in last place
  28. 15


    Finish a race with at least 3 other racers without taking any damage
  29. 15

    First Of Many

    Win your first Career Event
  30. 15

    High Altitude

    Complete the High Altitude Objective
  31. 30

    Delta Time

    Complete the Delta Time Objective
  32. 60

    Fast for a Hatchback

    Complete the Fast for a Hatchback Objective
  33. 15

    British Heritage

    Complete the British Heritage Objective
  34. 30

    Burning Rubber

    Complete the Burning Rubber Objective
  35. 60

    A Wheely Good Time

    Complete the A Wheely Good Time Objective
  36. 15

    Gone in a Flash

    Complete the Gone in a Flash Objective
  37. 30

    Painting the Track red

    Complete the Painting the Track red Objective
  38. 60

    Flights to Catch

    Complete the Flights to Catch Objective