Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Blackbird Interactive
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S


Equipped with cutting-edge salvaging tech, carve & slice spaceships to recover valuable materials. Upgrade your gear to take on more lucrative contracts and pay your billion credits debt to LYNX Corp!

    Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievements

    Hardspace: Shipbreaker has a total of 27 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1560 points

  1. 25

    No Niños

    Complete the Tutorial
  2. 50

    Act I Complete

    Complete Act I of the campaign
  3. 100

    Act II Complete

    Complete Act II of the campaign
  4. 200

    Act III Complete

    Complete Act III of the campaign
  5. 150

    The Weight of the World

    Complete all Salvage Goals on a Atlas Class Ship
  6. 150

    Always Finding Your Mark

    Complete all Salvage Goals on a Javelin Class Ship
  7. 150

    Gecko Go(al) Getter

    Complete all Salvage Goals on a Gecko Class Ship
  8. 50

    Captured Killer of Caerbannog

    Collect a Bunny stuffed-animal
  9. 100

    A Tucked Tale

    Finding the Hidden Data Drive
  10. 25

    Bing Bang BOOM

    Unlock Demo Charges
  11. 30

    Fire and Brimstone

    Read a message about the Furnace God
  12. 30

    Ghost in the Ship

    Read the Machine God's message
  13. 15

    A drop in the Ocean

    Collect a Credit Drive
  14. 30

    I ain’t afraid of no Ghost

    Destroy an AI node
  15. 30

    Critical Thinker

    Successfully salvage a Reactor
  16. 10

    Post No Bills

    Collect a Poster
  17. 10

    I can fix it!

    Repair a Tool
  18. 10

    Breathe In… Breathe Out…

    Recharge O2
  19. 15

    It’s Heating up!

    Receive Fire damage
  20. 15

    Breaking the Ice

    Receive Cold damage
  21. 15

    Truly Shocking!

    Receive Electricity damage
  22. 10

    Let’s patch things up

    Use a suit patch kit
  23. 30

    A successful procedure!

    Gain one repair level on the ship doctor
  24. 100

    See you Space Cowboy

    Complete Career Mode
  25. 70

    Disagree and Commit

    Complete 3 out of 5 salvage goals during industrial Action
  26. 70

    Solidarity Forever

    Fail 3 out of 5 salvage goals during industrial Action
  27. 70

    The best thing money can buy

    Fully repay your debt