Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : tinyBuild
Action & adventure
Single Player


The spider - mankind’s most ancient and deadly nemesis. As a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, it’s time to fight back! Assemble your arsenal of increasingly excessive weapons, track spiders across suburbia, and burn everything in your path!

    Kill It With Fire Achievements

    Kill It With Fire has a total of 24 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 80

    High Voltage

    Find batteries.
  2. 80

    Smarter, Not Harder

    Find every upgrade.
  3. 80

    Ultimate Exterminator

    Find all equipment.
  4. 80

    Knowledge Is Power

    Find every tracker upgrade.
  5. 40

    The Only Way To Be Sure

    Execute Contingency Omega.
  6. 40

    Eclectic Tastes

    Find every flavor.
  7. 20

    Tiny Game Hunter

    Kill every type of spider.
  8. 150

    Unintended Consequences

    Face the music.
  9. 10


    Play a tune.
  10. 10

    Sending a Message

    Burn the money in the safe.
  11. 30

    Spick and Span

    Destroy EVERY dish.
  12. 10

    Oil Boom

    Destroy the gas station.
  13. 30

    Extreme Landscaping

    Decimate the hedge maze.
  14. 30

    That's All Folks

    Kill a spider by dropping an anvil on it.
  15. 10

    Jam This

    Destroy the printer using the RPG.
  16. 20


    Sink a putt.
  17. 20

    Out of Business

    Knock every letter off Kill It With Fire HQ.
  18. 20

    Line of Succession

    Transform a Spiderling hatched from a Queen into a Queen.
  19. 80

    Just say NOPE

    Kill a Jumping Spider in mid-air.
  20. 40

    From Downtown

    Shoot a spider with the Revolver from a long distance.
  21. 40

    Lilliputian Commando

    Complete a mission while in Tiny Mode.
  22. 20

    Blind Justice

    Kill a spider after being webbed.
  23. 40

    MLG Pro

    360 no-scope a spider with the Assault Rifle.
  24. 20

    Live by the Sword...

    Kill an Exploding Spider with C4.