Let's Build a Zoo

Let's Build a Zoo

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : No More Robots
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player


It's time to build a zoo! Let out your wild side, and create your own animal empire with this cute, expansive management sim. Import and breed rare creatures, hire the right staff, keep your visitors happy, and deal with plenty of weird and wonderful events. Then try your hand at DNA Splicing, and stitch together over 300,000 different types of animal, ranging from the majestic Giraffephant to the peaceful PandOwl!

    Let's Build a Zoo Achievements

    Let's Build a Zoo has a total of 39 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1200 points

  1. 20

    Have a baby!

    One of your animals must give birth.
  2. 30

    Big Birther

    Your breeding program must produce 100 babies (nursery births only).
  3. 15

    Captain Cola

    Convince Captain Cola to run a promotion at your zoo.
  4. 15


    Have a visit from a protestor.
  5. 15

    Fired Up

    Fire an employee.
  6. 15

    Green Machine

    Build your first Wind Turbine.
  7. 15

    Tastes Like Bacon

    Build a bacon factory.
  8. 15

    Hybrid Moments

    Create your first hybrid animal.
  9. 15


    Map your first Genome.
  10. 60

    Map Master

    Map 56 standard animal Genomes.
  11. 15

    Transport Mogul

    Own at least 10 buses.
  12. 30

    Route Planner

    Unlock 5 bus routes.
  13. 15

    Sky Writer

    Get a flying visit!
  14. 15

    Super Trader

    Complete 10 trades with other zoos.
  15. 42


    Employ a Gonky mascot.
  16. 30

    Ticket Master

    Sell a ticket for at least 100 dollars.
  17. 60

    Lion City

    Complete the trade for the Lion in Singapore.
  18. 30

    Factory Boss

    Have at least 6 unique types of evil factory operating in your zoo.
  19. 30

    Cash King

    Earn at least $50000 in a single day.
  20. 15


    Send a member of the black market to prison.
  21. 15


    Sell 10 animal to the black market.
  22. 30

    He Sells Sanctuary

    Complete the Goth quests.
  23. 30

    Monster Matinee

    Complete all Kaiju Cosplay quests.
  24. 30

    Broken Teeth

    Break some teeth.
  25. 15


    Buy a trampoline for your zoo.
  26. 15


    Research 20 things.
  27. 60

    Superior Researcher

    Research 233 things.
  28. 30

    New Zoo

    Unlock a second zoo on the world map.
  29. 60


    Get a Deco Rating of 100%.
  30. 60

    Land Owner

    Buy every plot of land in the starting zoo.
  31. 15

    Bad Hot Dog

    Sell a Hotdog at the worst possible quality.
  32. 77

    The Saint

    Have 200 good points.
  33. 66

    Criminal Mastermind

    Have 200 evil points.
  34. 20

    Dinosaur Rebirth

    Clone your first dinosaur.
  35. 20

    Bernie And Friends

    Employ a Bernie mascot.
  36. 20

    Pooped Out

    Build a Bio-waste Storage.
  37. 40

    A Mammoth Discovery

    Complete the dig for the Mammoth.
  38. 40

    Death Metal Death

    Complete all Critical Choices for King Sapphire.
  39. 60


    Discover all 51 Dinosaurs/Animals.