Loot River

Loot River

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : straka.studio s.r.o.
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player


Explore procedurally generated labyrinths in this challenging, dungeon crawling roguelike that combines tense combat with spatial block-shifting. Slide blocks of ancient ruins, fight brutal bestial abominations, loot, level-up, strategize, cast powerful spells, die and wake up anew.

    Loot River Achievements

    Loot River has a total of 15 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 50

    Down the Hole

    Get kicked down the elevator shaft.
  2. 50

    Music Connoisseur

    Fund Finnegan’s music education.
  3. 30

    Drinking Habits

    Double your potion count through investment.
  4. 20

    Suspicious Deals

    Make a deal with Callum.
  5. 30

    Fast Track

    Finish Sunken Village within the time limit.
  6. 50

    Hidden Doors

    Uncover three secret passages.
  7. 20


    Have at least three platforms burning at once.
  8. 50

    Missing Limb

    Severe Gwen's hand.
  9. 50


    Rescue Emmet.
  10. 50


    Shatter the Relic.
  11. 100

    Weapon Obsession

    Unlock all weapons.
  12. 100


    Unlock all spells.
  13. 100

    High Fashion

    Unlock all armour.
  14. 100

    Hat Enthusiast

    Unlock all headgear.
  15. 200


    Escape Loot River.