Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary

Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Team17 Digital Ltd.
Role playing
Touch Controls Single Player Online Multi Player


Embark on an epic adventure using the powers of the monsters you collect, and the team you build, to unlock an ever-expanding world. On your quest to become the ultimate Monster Keeper you’ll unravel the cause of a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.

    Monster Sanctuary Achievements

    Monster Sanctuary has a total of 41 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1200 points

  1. 10

    The Keepers' Trail

    Complete Old Buran's training
  2. 15

    Ariadne's Thread

    Calm the Blue Caves
  3. 15

    Dungeon Master

    Confront the Alchemists in the Library
  4. 15

    Become as Gobs

    Defeat the Goblin King
  5. 15

    Cassandra's Wisdom

    Pass the Oracle's test
  6. 30

    Icarus' Folly

    Restore balance to the Sun Palace
  7. 30

    Dread Pirate Carter

    Recover long lost treasure
  8. 30

    Vulcan's Forge

    Prove a worthy opponent
  9. 30

    Persephone's Journey

    Explore the forbidden catacombs
  10. 30

    All Seeing Mad Eye

    Uncover the source of Marduk's powers
  11. 100

    Tower of Secrets

    Defeat Marduk
  12. 5

    New Best Friend

    Hatch first monster
  13. 10

    Beautiful Plumage

    Obtain a shifted monster
  14. 10


    Evolve a monster
  15. 15


    Receive a Tanuki Egg
  16. 100

    Gotta Hatch 'em All!

    Obtain all monsters
  17. 30

    Monster Tamer

    Win 200 wild enounters
  18. 30


    Achieve at least a 25 x Combo
  19. 30


    Deal over 10,000 damage in a single hit
  20. 15

    You'll Never See It Coming

    Defeat all monsters in a single turn
  21. 15


    Five-star a battle
  22. 15

    Practice Makes Perfect!

    Receive a 5 star score in the Champion Challenge
  23. 75

    Champion of Champions

    Receive 5 star scores against all Champions
  24. 5

    Off The Beaten Path

    Discover a hidden room entrance
  25. 50

    Why Would You Ever Leave?

    Enter the Land of Blobs
  26. 75


    Uncover the whole map
  27. 15

    Friendly Neighbourhood

    Help out a resident of the Sanctuary
  28. 15

    Keep It Fresh

    Upgrade 50 pieces of gear
  29. 15

    Path to Infinity

    Complete twenty five battles in the Infinity Arena OR PvP
  30. 30

    Nothing Left to Teach

    Beat all of Trainer Gotthelm's challenges
  31. 10

    Spoils of War

    Receive a reward from the Monster Army
  32. 50


    Donate 100 Monsters to the Monster Army
  33. 15

    Champion Hunter

    Become A Keeper Lancer
  34. 50

    Legend of the Sanctuary

    Become a Keeper Master
  35. 10

    Journey to the Forgotten World

    Tread where no Keeper has gone before
  36. 20

    Frozen in Time

    Free the Wanderer from their icy prison
  37. 40

    But that's a tale for another time…

    Restore the World Tree and learn about the true form of your Spectral Familiar
  38. 30

    Bardic Inspiration

    Fully equip a Bard with instruments
  39. 30

    Final Form

    Reach max level with a Monster
  40. 30


    Unlock all alternative outfits
  41. 40

    Mythical Keeper

    Defeat all Legendary Keeper Battles