Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Coatsink Software Ltd
Family & kids
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player


Play as a rookie angler, working together with friends, family, and neighbours to hone your fishing skills, nourish relationships, and restore a remote town’s fractured community.

    Moonglow Bay Achievements

    Moonglow Bay has a total of 37 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 15

    The Monster of Moonglow

    Rescue the Ruin of Ships
  2. 15

    Eternal Tempest

    Saved Waffles from the storm
  3. 15

    An Ancient Feud

    Unlocked the Ocean Door to Twintail Lake
  4. 15

    They Can Change

    Convinced Claude to reveal the secret of the cavern
  5. 45

    The Heart of Moonglow

    Attended the Centennial Festival and completed the story
  6. 110

    The Whole Journey

    Researched all 151 fish
  7. 100

    Restored to Prosperity

    Renovated 100% of the town
  8. 100

    Fishing Season

    Complete the story in 30 in-game days or fewer
  9. 45


    Complete the story without buying, selling, or trading for shells, any unprepared fish
  10. 45

    Versus the Sea

    Completed the story without ever calling Abi for a tow
  11. 15

    The Art of Conversation

    Become good friends with three characters and collect their stamps
  12. 45

    Expert Raconteur

    Collected every stamp for your journal
  13. 45

    Town Roustabout

    Completed every side quest
  14. 15

    The Burden

    "Found" the Top Hat Grouper
  15. 15


    Listen to 30 unusual fish stories around town
  16. 15

    Aquatic Expansion

    Researched a fish from every biome
  17. 45

    Culinary Arts

    Cooked every recipe
  18. 15

    Like a Fairytale

    Research the Beansprout Shark, Gingerbread Barracuda and Fairy Shrimp
  19. 15

    From the Underworld

    Research the Demon-Claw Crab, Ghostly Swordfish and Royal Devil
  20. 15

    The Stuff of Legend

    Research the Unicorn Lobster, Cyclops Fish and Narrownose Chimaera
  21. 15

    From Beyond

    Research the Starosa, Void Pike and Cosmic Ray
  22. 15

    Ocean Wings

    Research the Rogue Pelican Eel, Duck-Billed Trout and Moonglow Flying Fish
  23. 15

    Crimebusters of the Sea

    Research the Anuvah Shark, Wolfsbane Shark and Dragonscale Shark
  24. 15

    Wise and Floofy

    Research the Jazzy Rabbit Fish, Woollyhead and Warlock Roll Fish
  25. 15

    Four-Legged Friends

    Research the Piglett Bass, Camel Shrimp and Zebrass
  26. 15

    Collection of Confection

    Research the Sugar Cube Guppy, Marshmallow Fish and Cotton Candy Grouper
  27. 15

    Ode to a Blacksmith

    Research the Anvil Grunt, Archer Fish and Halberd Barracuda
  28. 15

    Selfish Shellfish

    Earn 5000 shells selling shellfish meals
  29. 15


    Spend 7 continuous days away from town and catch a fish in every biome
  30. 15


    Release an Atlantic Halibut, Bluefin Tuna and Atlantic Cod
  31. 15

    Uh... Thanks. I Think.

    Traded an Alligator Eel at the Tech Shop
  32. 15

    You Can Pet The Dog

    Pet waffles 50 times
  33. 15

    Flying Tackle

    Catch a fish using 15 different combinations of rod, lure, and bait
  34. 15

    Then Peel Me A Grape

    Called Abi for a tow when your boat was fully functional
  35. 15

    Worth Your While

    Spend 500 shells on a single tow back to town
  36. 15


    Catch a Spider-Eyed Mermaid, then release it within 2 seconds
  37. 15

    A Tonne of Fun

    Caught a fish over 1000kg