Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : PLAION GmbH
Optimised for Series X|S


Step out of retirement back into the life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law-enforcement wherever they go. Several years after the crew’s reign of terror over Washington DC has ended, they assemble once again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement.

    PAYDAY 3 Achievements

    PAYDAY 3 has a total of 22 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 25

    No One Cared Who I Was...

    Until I put on the mask.
  2. 35

    Guns Don't Kill People...

    Complete a heist after getting at least 50 turret kills on Hard or above.
  3. 90

    Danger, High Voltage

    Stun 4 law enforcers by destroying a Zapper's battery pack on Hard or above.
  4. 20

    Unlimited Power

    Have the EDGE, GRIT and RUSH buffs active at the same time.
  5. 20

    Kitted Out

    Unlock all mods to a primary weapon.
  6. 20

    Arts and Crafts

    Customize a mask.
  7. 90

    Traffic Control

    Complete Road Rage without the truck having stopped until the end on Overkill.
  8. 90

    Crowd Control

    Complete Road Rage without letting a single civilian flee, die or be traded on Hard or above.
  9. 90

    True Connoisseur

    Steal the painting by Shanda Latrell in Under the Surphaze on Very Hard or above.
  10. 35

    Art Critic

    Complete Under The Surphaze having stolen all art from the 7 exhibitions on Very Hard or above.
  11. 35

    Color Me Surprised

    Complete No Rest For The Wicked without letting a dye pack explode on Very Hard or above.
  12. 20

    Just... One... More...

    Complete No Rest For The Wicked having opened all deposit boxes.
  13. 35

    Tech Mogul

    On 99 Boxes secure both hi-tech devices at their maximum value on Very Hard or above.
  14. 90

    No Stone Unturned

    Complete 99 Boxes having secured the maximum amount of bags on Hard or above.
  15. 35

    Closing the Account

    On Gold and Sharke empty the vault of its valuables and secure all the loot on Hard or above.
  16. 35

    The Hard Way

    Complete Gold and Sharke in stealth without accessing the HR computer.
  17. 35

    Cleanin' It Out

    Complete Dirty Ice having secured all cleaned jewelry bags on Overkill.
  18. 35

    Smash and Grab

    Complete Dirty Ice within 120 seconds of spawning.
  19. 20

    Party Crasher

    Complete Rock The Cradle without having the VIP invitation in stealth on Hard or above.
  20. 35


    Complete Rock The Cradle after surviving 4 full assaults on Very Hard or above.
  21. 90

    Spec Ops

    Complete Touch The Sky in stealth without killing a single guard on Overkill.
  22. 20

    Insurance Policy

    Complete Touch The Sky with 4 active human shields on Hard or above.