Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Devolver Digital
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player


Return to Monkey Island is an unexpected, thrilling return of series creator Ron Gilbert that continues the story of the legendary adventure games.

    Return to Monkey Island Achievements

    Return to Monkey Island has a total of 39 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 5

    Part One

    Started Part One
  2. 5

    Part Two

    Started Part Two
  3. 5

    Part Three

    Started Part Three
  4. 15

    Part Four

    Started Part Four
  5. 15

    Part Five

    Started Part Five
  6. 5

    Trivia Go Getter

    Answered Ten Trivia Questions Correctly
  7. 15

    Trivia Master

    Answered Twenty-Five Trivia Questions Correctly
  8. 15

    Trivia Grand Master

    Answered Fifty Trivia Questions Correctly
  9. 30

    Trivia Lord

    Answered Seventy-Five Trivia Questions Correctly
  10. 80

    Trivia Overlord

    Answered One Hundred Trivia Questions Correctly
  11. 15

    Card Collector

    Collected More Than Twenty Trivia Cards
  12. 30

    Dead Dead Dead

    Died For Real
  13. 15


    Fulfilled Your Restroom Obligations
  14. 15

    Lucky Duck

    Shared Your Luck
  15. 15

    Mop Heist

    Attempted To Steal The Cook’s Mop
  16. 15


    Told Everyone On Mêlée Island That You Are Looking For The Secret
  17. 15

    Cartography Nerd

    Thoroughly Examined All Of Wally’s Stock
  18. 5

    Fan Service

    Convinced Cobb To Tell You About LOOM
  19. 5

    Hey Wait!

    Freed Otis
  20. 30

    Mop Top

    Got Hired With All Four Mop Heads
  21. 30

    Neat Freak

    Listed Every Mess On The First Swab’s Report
  22. 15

    Hot Headed

    Braved The Scorched Alaska
  23. 5

    Super Swabbie

    Swabbed The Hold Twenty Times
  24. 30

    Tight Ship

    Decked Out The Sea Monkey II With Spooky Skulls
  25. 15

    Not Bitter

    Got To The Heart Of The Problem
  26. 80

    Deep Sea Diver

    Explored The Entire Ocean Floor
  27. 80

    Cogg Island

    Found Cogg Island
  28. 15

    Promise Keeper

    Did Gullet A Favor
  29. 15

    Relief Pitcher

    Offered To Donate To The Earthquake Relief
  30. 15

    Flag Facsimile

    Performed The Ole Switcheroo With The Replica Flag
  31. 15

    Trophy Fisher

    Became A Prize Chum
  32. 80

    Free Wally

    Rescued Wally From Monkey Island
  33. 15

    Patient Citizen

    Waited Patiently To See Carla
  34. 30

    Ahoy There

    Ahoy! More Than Twenty Times
  35. 80

    On The Lam

    Let The Lumpsucker Escape
  36. 5


    Found All The Copies of ‘At The End Of The Plank’
  37. 80

    Speed Runner

    Reached The End In 2 Hours Or Less
  38. 30

    I Don’t Believe

    Returned To The World You Know
  39. 15

    Dental Samaritan

    Gave Stan His Toothbrush