Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player


In SD Gundam Battle Alliance, Mobile Suits and characters from across Mobile Suit Gundam history take center stage in this all-new action RPG. • Combo action with stunning visuals and dynamic animation • Strange phenomena known as Breaks are twisting legendary moments from Gundam history, and you're in charge to fix them. • Tackle missions with friends in multiplayer!


    SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE has a total of 43 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 100

    SD Gundam Battle Alliance

    Acquire all achievements
  2. 15

    Welcome to G: Universe

    Clear a mission excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  3. 15

    Soldiers' System

    Finish Directory 1: Soldiers' System
  4. 15

    Amid the Storm

    Finish Directory 2: Amid the Storm
  5. 15

    Angels and Demons

    Finish Directory 3: Angels and Demons
  6. 15

    Red Water Star

    Finish Directory 4: Red Water Star
  7. 15

    Meteoric Destiny

    Finish Directory 5: Meteoric Destiny
  8. 15

    Victors' Requiem

    Finish Directory 6: Victors' Requiem
  9. 25

    Rhapsody in G

    Finish Directory 7: Rhapsody in G
  10. 15

    See the truth for yourselves.

    Finish a true mission
  11. 25

    The Gundam isn't just for show!

    Finish a mission on hard
  12. 15

    Who are you?!

    Finish 10 different chaos missions
  13. 90

    What is WITH you?!

    Finish 21 different chaos missions
  14. 15

    This thing's on!

    Develop an MS
  15. 25

    Gundam is what guides humanity!

    Develop 50 MS
  16. 15

    Give me everything you've got!

    Uncap an MS
  17. 15

    I'll use it for sure, so... More please!

    Reach MS level 31
  18. 90

    That's right. We can't let up yet!

    Reach MS level 50
  19. 25

    Look! The East is burning red!

    Reach player level 50
  20. 15

    I'll give my body to everyone!

    Raise a partner unit's friendship to max
  21. 25

    Just tell me you need me!

    Raise 10 partner units' friendship to max
  22. 15

    Offer your lives to me!

    Acquire 30 available partner units
  23. 15

    Whoa! Such a storm of passions!

    Acquire a rarity 4+ expansion part
  24. 25

    I believe in God!

    Acquire a rarity 7+ expansion part
  25. 25

    What could be better than this?

    Reach a total of 1,000,000 dropped Capital
  26. 15

    I'll give you power...

    Perform 100 role actions excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  27. 15

    Sentiment alone and power alone...

    Hit with 100 neutral Chain Breakers excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  28. 15

    Payback with interest!

    Hit with 50 reversal Chain Breakers excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  29. 15

    We must work together to survive.

    Aid partners with Restore 30 times excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  30. 15

    I am Gundam.

    Achieve a 50 hit combo excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  31. 15

    I see it! A single drop of water!

    Perform 50 counters excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  32. 15

    May the glory of victory be yours!

    Perform 100 SPAs excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  33. 15

    Hey, what do I do next?

    Destroy 500 enemy MS/MA excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  34. 25

    Never stop.

    Destroy 2,000 enemy MS/MA excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  35. 15

    Gundam! Rise to the heavens.

    Destroy 100 MS/MA with aerial combos excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  36. 15

    That won't stop me!

    Destroy 250 MS by cutting through them excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  37. 25

    Take pleasure in fighting on its own!

    Deal 2,000 damage in a single strike excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  38. 25

    Fights without regard for their life!

    Deal 3,000 total damage excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  39. 25

    I'm the luckiest pilot in space.

    Survive within the 1-9 HP range excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  40. 25

    Mercs only fight winning battles.

    Clear 3 missions with no partners excluding "The Threat of Zeon"/Tutorials
  41. 15

    Initiating dialogue...

    Use a callout
  42. 15


    Finish a mission in multiplayer
  43. 15

    Zero, show me the way.

    View a briefing cutscene in the Library