Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Flashbulb Games
Racing & flying
Single Player Online Multi Player


Build sports cars, jet planes, helicopters, or walking robots and take them on missions of exploration or breakneck rally races against your friends.

    Trailmakers Achievements

    Trailmakers has a total of 22 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1200 points

  1. 40

    So attractive!

    Pick up a piece of Salvage with the magnet
  2. 150

    Ready for take-off

    Rebuild your spaceship
  3. 50

    Bring Marshmallows!

    Enter the volcano!
  4. 55

    Power Core Collector

    Find 15 Power Cores in the campaign
  5. 30


    Get gold on Downhill Rush
  6. 40

    Slide to Win

    Get gold on Sunny Slide
  7. 100

    To fly or not to fly

    Get gold on Cliff Land
  8. 35

    Island Hopper

    Land on all the floating islands above Race Island in one session
  9. 35

    Hot Air

    Crash into the blimp on Race Island
  10. 50

    Best view in town

    Land on the lighthouse on Race Island
  11. 40

    Moby Dick

    Bump into the whales
  12. 40

    Sharing is Caring

    Upload a vehicle to the Gallery
  13. 30

    Car Collector

    Download and load in a vehicle from the Gallery
  14. 35


    Drive over 8 chickens in one game session
  15. 70

    Sonic Boom

    Break the sound barrier
  16. 40

    Man in Black

    Fly through all the rings of fire in one session
  17. 80

    Problem Solver

    Complete all the ball puzzles in the Sandbox in one session alone or with friends
  18. 80

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Stay airborne in a zero Power Core vehicle for 60 seconds
  19. 50

    El Capitan

    You reached the top of Danger Island
  20. 50


    Hug the Tree on the Island North East of Treasure Island
  21. 50

    Pay your respect

    Visit the monument on Treasure Island
  22. 50


    Shoot hoops on Danger Island