Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Outright Games Ltd
Family & kids
Touch Controls Single Player Local Multi Player


BUMBLEBEE and the Autobots have a new commander – you. Assemble your squad and roll out for battle against the Decepticons... and team up in local multiplayer!


    TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS has a total of 33 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1195 points

  1. 30

    Central City Secured!

    Complete Act I on any difficulty.
  2. 30

    Is a Hotdog a Sandwich?

    Destroy a hotdog stand in each mission of Act I.
  3. 30

    Together... As One

    Complete Act II on any difficulty.
  4. 15

    To Me...

    Use Arcee to heal Wheeljack in "Deserted".
  5. 15

    To You...

    Use Wheeljack to heal Arcee in "Deserted".
  6. 30

    An Impossible Task

    Complete Act III on any difficulty.
  7. 30

    Squad Get-Together

    Position the entire squad around the same Energon container.
  8. 30

    The Future of This Planet...

    Complete Act IV on any difficulty.
  9. 30

    Nature is Cruel

    Shove a Decepticon into an Energon Storm.
  10. 90

    Our Salvation

    Complete every mission on Easy difficulty.
  11. 90

    Tactician and Scholar

    Complete every mission on Medium difficulty.
  12. 100

    More Than Meets The Eye

    Complete every mission on Hard difficulty.
  13. 90

    Two 'Cons, One Stone

    Shove a Decepticon into another Decepticon.
  14. 30

    The Greater Good

    Use explosive cover to damage an Autobot and a Decepticon in the same explosion.
  15. 90

    Move It!

    Shove an ally into the target region of a Destination objective.
  16. 90

    Energon Aficionado

    Perform fifty Ultimate abilities.
  17. 30

    From the Brink

    Repair an ally with 1 HP.
  18. 30

    Throwback Thursday

    Deactivate a Decepticon using Optimus Prime's Throw Back ability... on a Thursday.
  19. 90

    Fighting Spark

    Reduce Megatron's HP to 50% or less in "The Well of the AllSpark".
  20. 30

    Borrowed Tech

    Equip Arcee's Black Hole Grenade ability for three missions.
  21. 15


    Complete your first run.
  22. 15

    Rough Journey

    Complete a run with a very unstable Spacebridge after finishing 5 missions or less.
  23. 15

    Certain Side-Effects

    Complete a run with an unstable Spacebridge after finishing 7 missions or less.
  24. 15

    Arrive in one piece

    Complete a run with a stable Spacebridge after finishing 9 missions or less.
  25. 15


    Complete a run with a fully functional Spacebridge after finishing 11 missions or less.
  26. 15

    Unlimited Power

    Fully upgrade one Autobot during a run.
  27. 15

    Optimus Primed

    Unlock all abilities for one Autobot during a run.
  28. 15

    Multiverse Multitasking

    Capture 6 bonus Fragments in a run.
  29. 15

    No rest for the weary

    Complete a run without having any Autobot recover at all.
  30. 15

    With one hand behind my back

    Complete a run without using a single Ultimate ability.
  31. 15


    Complete 5 runs.
  32. 15

    Big Spender

    Spend 50 Fragments on refreshing rewards.
  33. 15

    I can do this all day

    Complete 3 hard missions while on 1 life.