EXPLORE YOUR WAY. Awoken to a world ruined by war, Alma must traverse the vast city of Arcadia before the life force of her friends and herself withers away. Time is ticking, and every moment matters. Who will you save, and who will you leave to turn UNSIGHTED?

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Leaving Game Pass on 30th September 2022

    UNSIGHTED Achievements

    UNSIGHTED has a total of 42 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 5


    Give Meteor Dust to someone
  2. 10

    Your new friend!

    Rescue a puppy
  3. 5


    Craft an item
  4. 10


    Obtain a second Permanent Syringe
  5. 5


    Defeat 5 enemies by throwing them down holes
  6. 30

    Savior of the Automatons

    Complete the game
  7. 50

    Robot Apocalypse

    Complete the game on the Robot Apocalypse Difficulty, on New Game, or New Game Extra
  8. 30


    Complete the game with 3 chip slots, no weapon upgrade, and max. of 1 Permanent Syringe.
  9. 50


    Complete the game in under 1 hour
  10. 20


    Complete the game without rescuing Iris
  11. 25

    Spider Squish

    Beat the Arachnid Queen
  12. 25


    Beat the Forgotten Deity
  13. 25

    Lights Out

    Beat the Ancient Guardian
  14. 25

    Melt the Ice

    Beat the Frost Automaton
  15. 25


    Beat the Arthropod King
  16. 25


    Beat the Mechanical Eagle
  17. 25

    Heated Battle

    Beat the Blazing Automaton
  18. 30


    Beat Anima Nightmare and Anima Essence without getting hit
  19. 30

    I don't need it!

    Defeat a Shadow Creature with normal weapons
  20. 30


    Complete the map 100%
  21. 25

    Reverse Boss Order

    Defeat the Factory boss first and the Garden boss last
  22. 20

    Sequence Break

    Find the Jump Boots during the Prologue
  23. 20

    Sequence Shatter

    Get a Meteor Shard during the Prologue
  24. 15

    Parry Master

    Perfect guard 30 enemy attacks without getting hit
  25. 15

    Water Skipper

    Skip on the water with the Spinner 5 times in a row
  26. 5

    Can you pet the dog?

    Pet a puppy 5 times
  27. 30

    Beating the Unbeatable

    Win the encounter against two Shadow Creatures during the Prologue
  28. 10

    I care about you!

    Get 4 hearts of relationship with an NPC
  29. 10

    I love you!

    Get 4 hearts of relationship with a dog
  30. 10


    Dig up 20 buried items with the shovel
  31. 10

    Treasure Hunter

    Find all the Treasures from the Treasure Album
  32. 10

    Perfect Catch!

    Get 20 perfect catches with the magnetic rod
  33. 25

    Dungeon Master

    Complete the Dungeon Raid with 0 deaths
  34. 25

    Dungeon Runner

    Complete the Dungeon Raid in less than 20 minutes
  35. 25

    You're the Boss

    Complete the Boss Rush with 0 deaths
  36. 25

    Boss Runner

    Complete the Boss Rush in less than 10 minutes
  37. 30

    Parry Goddess

    Get 100 perfect parries in the parry challenge
  38. 30

    Life and Death

    Defeat M.
  39. 30

    Hiding your sins

    Finish the Main Story without having a Corrupted Weapon in your inventory.
  40. 50

    Battle Across Time

    Defeat the secret final boss.
  41. 50

    Tomb Smasher

    Defeat the Corrupted Tomb Guardian.
  42. 50

    Item Hoarder

    Collect every item chest.