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Developer : Visai Games Inc
Puzzle & trivia
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player


Cook delicious South-Indian food and experience the journey of an immigrant family in Venba!

    Venba Achievements

    Venba has a total of 15 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 30

    Put Chutney

    Successfully make idlis.
  2. 80

    Agni Prithvi Puttu

    Successfully “Launch” puttu
  3. 50

    Vada Poche

    "Launch" a crumbling puttu.
  4. 80

    Hair off the head

    Complete the park level.
  5. 80

    Family Beef

    Successfully make the biriyani.
  6. 80


    Make the dinner spread.
  7. 50

    Silicon Heartbreak

    Read all the texts in Venba's phone.
  8. 50


    Real all the texts in Kavin's phone.
  9. 80

    Taking Stock

    Successfully finish cooking the Chicken Rasam.
  10. 80

    Fermented Feelings

    Successfully finish cooking the Dosas.
  11. 80

    Annanukku oru Oothappammm!

    Make an oothappam without chillies.
  12. 50

    Flavor Text

    Read the flavor text in every level.
  13. 80

    Paavalan Would Be Proud

    Get Silicon Heartbreak, Doomscroll, Flavor text achievements.
  14. 50

    Like it was Yesterday

    Complete one recipe without messing up.
  15. 80

    Queen of the Six Tastes

    Complete every recipe without messing up once.