Visage is a first-person psychological horror game. Explore a mysterious ever-changing house in a slow-paced, atmospheric world that combines both uncannily comforting and horrifyingly realistic environments, and enjoy a genuinely terrifying experience.

Xbox One Xbox Series X|S PC Optimised for Series X|S Play on Xbox Cloud Touch Controls
Leaving Game Pass on 30th September 2022

    Visage Achievements

    Visage has a total of 27 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 20

    Matryoshka doll

    Find a Matryoshka doll.
  2. 80

    Matryoshka dolls master

    Find all Matryoshka dolls.
  3. 10

    First reaction

    Try to leave via the front door.
  4. 50

    Chapter: Lucy

    Complete Lucy's chapter.
  5. 20

    Special recipe

    Attempt to use the microwave.
  6. 10

    Novice electrician

    Replace a light bulb.
  7. 100

    Dance, dance

    Find room 302.
  8. 10

    George's memento

    Find one of George's audio cassette.
  9. 40

    George's memento master

    Find all George's audio cassettes.
  10. 10

    The Neighbors

    Find one of The Neighbors' page.
  11. 40

    The Neighbors master

    Find all The Neighbors' pages.
  12. 20

    Gearing up!

    Find the shotgun.
  13. 50

    Chapter: Dolores

    Complete Dolores' chapter.
  14. 50


    Complete the void ending.
  15. 100

    Family reunion

    Complete the family reunion ending.
  16. 20

    Dwayne's memento

    Find one VHS tape.
  17. 80

    Dwayne's memento master

    Find all VHS tape.
  18. 20

    Hot chocolate

    Drink the hot chocolate.
  19. 20


    Find the smiley face sticker.
  20. 20

    10 on the 10th

    Find all the pages from the appreciation book.
  21. 20

    Mirror mask

    Find one piece of the mirror mask.
  22. 80

    Mirror mask master

    Find all pieces of the mirror mask.
  23. 20

    Psychological evaluation

    Find Rakan's psychological evaluation tape.
  24. 20

    Easy way out

    Use the revolver.
  25. 20

    Gotcha, you little...

    You warped Bernard the Alien back to planet Ceiphe.
  26. 20

    Special gift

    Find Johny's gift.
  27. 50

    Chapter: Rakan

    Complete Rakan's chapter.