Weird West

Weird West

Xbox + Cloud
Developer : Devolver Digital
Action & adventure
Optimised for Series X|S Single Player


Survive and unveil the mysteries of the Weird West through the intertwined destinies of its unusual heroes in an immersive sim from the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey.

    Weird West Achievements

    Weird West has a total of 53 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 90

    There is Hope

    Save the world
  2. 90

    It All Dies

    End the world
  3. 30

    Justice Served

    Complete the Bounty Hunter Journey
  4. 30

    That’s All, Folks

    Complete the Pigman Journey
  5. 30

    For Balance

    Complete the Protector Journey
  6. 30

    Dog Days

    Complete the Werewolf Journey
  7. 30

    Something Wicked This Way Comes…

    Complete the Oneirist Journey
  8. 10


    Dig up your Bounty Hunter cache and suit up
  9. 15

    Out on the Ebb Tide

    Take down Shelby Cross in Copper Mountain Quarry
  10. 15

    The Great Escape

    Get your spouse out of the quarry without ever alerting Shelby Cross
  11. 15

    Turning the Tables

    Turn Ruth into a Pigwoman
  12. 15

    Through Their Eyes

    Recruit a previous Journey Hero to your posse
  13. 15

    Workers' Rights

    Kill Maximo and free the Lantern room’s workers
  14. 15

    Dirt and Blame

    Become a Wiindigo
  15. 15

    Healing Old Wounds

    Return Glenn Mills’s rifle to Maryann
  16. 15

    Fallen Star

    Retrieve the fallen Sheriff’s star from the ruins of Boulder Creek mine
  17. 10

    Power Behind the Pulpit

    Read Sybil’s journal
  18. 15

    Loyalty to the Pack

    Rescue the missing Werewolf
  19. 20


    Kill 3 enemies in less than 5 seconds in Wolf form
  20. 15

    Mystery Machine

    Save both innocents in The Strangeness
  21. 10

    Eternity Can Waits

    Spare Essex Mast at the end of the Oneirist Journey
  22. 30

    Getting the Gang Back Together

    Bring all the Journey Heroes back to the Broken Steppe Temple alive
  23. 10

    Who You Gonna Call?

    Complete a quest given by a Ghost
  24. 15

    Off the Trail

    Complete 10 side quests
  25. 15

    The Philosopher’s Stone

    Aid Essex Mast on his quest
  26. 15

    Hog Wild

    Beat Pigman Joe at a Poker Game
  27. 15

    What’s in the Box?

    Return the Heathen’s Box unopened
  28. 15

    Winds of War

    Turn a Tornado into an Elemental Tornado
  29. 30

    Knuckle Sandwich

    Beat the Heathen at her Slap Game
  30. 15

    Moon Hunter

    Turn a Bounty Hunter into a Werewolf
  31. 15


    Knock someone out by dropping onto them from above
  32. 15

    Rain of Death

    Turn one of your arrows into an elemental arrow
  33. 15

    Dead or Alive

    Turn in your first bounty from the board
  34. 15

    Winter Has Come

    Collect all 3 of Pigman Joe’s Tour du Weird West souvenir snow globes.
  35. 15


    Start a fight against a bear while drunk… and win
  36. 10

    Gold Digger

    Dig up 10 mound caches
  37. 15

    Monster Hunter

    Collect the bounty on a Pigman or Ravenous
  38. 15

    'Ma Barker

    Steal $10,000 worth of goods in a single playthrough
  39. 10

    Do Not Pass Go…

    Serve time in jail
  40. 15


    Locate every Temple of the Ancients
  41. 15

    Welcome to the Weird West

    Kill your first monstrous enemy
  42. 10

    I Kicked a Bird and I Liked it

    Kick a flying Vulture
  43. 10

    Here Comes Santa Claus

    Break into a building through the chimney
  44. 10

    Lord Inut Sends His Regards

    Roast a live chicken
  45. 15

    Elusive Prey

    Collect a bounty for turning in either Leila, Shelby Cross or Galen Weeks
  46. 15

    Chain Reaction

    Catch 2 or more enemies in Chain Lightning
  47. 10

    Let’s Ride

    Recruit your first follower
  48. 15

    Full House

    Recruit a full posse
  49. 15

    This Is Sparta

    Kick someone off of a rooftop or cliff
  50. 15


    Read 50 books
  51. 10


    Use a Golden Ace of Spades to gain a perk for the first time
  52. 10


    Use a Nimp Relic to gain an ability for the first time
  53. 20

    Ghost Town

    Turn a settlement into a ghost town