You Suck at Parking

You Suck at Parking

Xbox + PC + Cloud
Developer : Happy Volcano
Racing & flying
Optimised for Series X|S Touch Controls Single Player Online Multi Player


You Suck at Parking™ is the only racing game where the goal is to stop. Colorful yet uphill, challenge the world, and customize your ride in this ever-evolving parking simulator.

    You Suck at Parking Achievements

    You Suck at Parking has a total of 20 achievements worth a gamerscore of 1000 points

  1. 20

    Take off the training wheels

    Finish the tutorial
  2. 20


    Unlock the snow biome
  3. 50

    All spots taken

    Complete all levels in the base game
  4. 125

    Master Skowda

    Perfect all levels in the base game
  5. 20

    Time to shine

    Customize your car for the first time
  6. 50

    Are we there yet?

    Reach parking pass level 25 in a season
  7. 125


    Complete all parking pass levels in a season
  8. 20

    The smell of gasoline in the morning

    Finish first in an online match
  9. 20

    Professional parkster

    Park on all spots in a round of online multiplayer
  10. 50

    No spot left unparked

    Park on all spots in a full match in online multiplayer
  11. 20

    Late to the party

    Park on the last spot with your last car in the last round in online multiplayer
  12. 125

    Eat my dust

    Win all rounds of an online multiplayer match
  13. 125


    Win 3 online multiplayer matches in a row
  14. 50

    Look mom, no hands

    Park a car you aren't controlling anymore
  15. 20

    Losing grip on things

    Drift for 1 hour in total
  16. 20

    You suck at flying

    Be airborne for 30 minutes in total
  17. 20

    Peter Parkster

    Drive vertically for 5 minutes in total
  18. 20

    On the rocks

    Park as an ice cube
  19. 50

    Parked is parked

    Park as a wreckage
  20. 50

    Braking bad

    Complete a level without braking.