NEWS Microsoft Removes Controversial DRM, Finally Enables Offline Gaming on Xbox Series X|S


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Nov 22, 2021

According to a video from Hikikomori Media, the Xbox DRM (Digital Rights Management) system looks to have improved, allowing offline access to exclusive titles and removing the limitations before the September update.

Hikikomori Media emphasized that players must complete a preliminary check-in before engaging in any gameplay in a YouTube video describing the upgrade. The first check-in suggests that a user who just bought a console and wants to play their games offline will need to activate their account by connecting their console online. Then, they may be allowed to play their desired video game without an internet connection.

Before, to play their games offline, consumers had to identify their Xbox console as their home Xbox. While not flawless, this approach did work, and while Xbox hasn’t upgraded its DRM, this is still great news for customers of the Xbox since it means they won’t have to go through all the steps to play their selected games offline.